Bail Jumper In Jail For 12 Years


Tribune Staff Reporter


A MAN who jumped bail during his double armed robbery trial is now behind bars for the next 12 years of his life after he turned himself in to police.

In May 2013, Kendeno Rolle was convicted by a Supreme Court jury after he absconded near the end of his trial. Afterwards, Justice Indra Charles ruled that if Rolle were ever found, he would be sent to Her Majesty’s Prison for 12 years beginning the day he was back in custody.

Rolle faced two charges of armed robbery, which he denied. It was claimed that he robbed two women on November 5, 2011, of cash, jewellery, and handbags containing personal belongings.

During the closing addresses of the trial, Rolle who was on bail, never returned to court and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.

Days later, Justice Charles summed up the evidence before excusing the jury to decide on a verdict and they returned to find him unanimously guilty.

Justice Charles handed down a 12-year sentence on each count to the absent convict to run concurrently and to begin from the date of his custody again.

Rolle turned himself into police on January 6, one week ago.


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