Bahamas National Trust Sponsors Marathon Teams

THIS year, the Bahamas National Trust is sponsoring three relay teams to participate in Marathon Bahamas, which will be taking place this weekend.

The teams are Lobatus, Strombus and Gigas, all scientific names for the queen conch, and their participation in the marathon will be to help raise awareness of Conchservation.

“As co-ordinator for the Bahamas National Conchservation campaign, I’m both proud and excited to be taking part in the relay,” said Jared Dillet, BNT marine resources campaign co-ordinator.

“This is a great way to raise awareness of the issues facing the Bahamian conch fishery and build camaraderie as well.

“I’ve heard colleagues speak of last year’s relay and the fun that was had promoting the preservation of our conch industry so I’m looking forward to Sunday’s race, and generating more awareness for Conchservation.”

The Lobatus Team is comprised of Cordero Bullard, Scott Johnson, Desmond Jolly and Mark Daniels.

Alannah Vellacott, Cameron Saunders, Steven Wright and Jared Dillet make up the Strombus Team.

And lastly, the Gigas Team is Krista Sherman, Stacy Lubin, Lakeisha Anderson and Raquel Rolle.

All of the participants in the race are BNT staff, with the exception of Stacy Lubin who is an Environmental Officer at the BEST Commission.

Vanessa Haley-Benjamin, director of science and policy, and Eric Carey, BNT executive director, will also be on hand to provide water for the relay teams as they compete in the marathon, and the BNT will be cheering them on as they compete.

Conchservation is a national campaign whose ultimate goal is a sustainable queen conch industry in the Bahamas.


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