Bahamian Classical Performer Prepares For New Show

FOR ANOTHER year, the St John’s College Music Department will be the beneficiary of new instruments due to the proceeds from the annual Epiphany Recital by solo organist Dr Sparkman Ferguson on Thursday, January 25 at 7:45pm, Christ Church Cathedral.
The 65-minute organ recital will feature Dr Ferguson performing works of the major organ composers. Included are the works of German composers George Frederick Handel, Felix Mendelssohn, Johann Sebastian Bach; Dutch composer, Jan Mulder; French composer, Theodore Dubois; and American composer, Charles Callahan.

The final composer, an Englishman, will be Charles Hubert Hastings Parry.

A dentist by profession, Dr Sparkman said classical music is a major part of his life. A church organist since the age of 11, the 58 year old said this Thursday he is looking forward to bringing a rich, inspiring and well performed program.

“My recitals are never themed because classical music does not work like that. When you get into the literature of classical music, it isn’t like a variety show. It is a program that Bahamians are used to. People can expect a first rate classical organ performance with this event,” said Dr Sparkman.
Holding the event for the 15th year, Dr Sparkman said it has really advanced over the years, getting bigger and better.

“The attendance has grown every year. People look forward to hearing this one hour program that I do every year. It is only 65 minutes, but people who love this kind of music and they want to see it. The growth in the attendance suggests that people are getting more interested in the arts of performing instruments,” said Dr Sparkman.

He said fans are always suggesting he hold the show three times a year, or more often.

“I would rather do it once a year because this is the way I keep it fresh. Each year I do a brand new program. I don’t do any repeat selections,” he said.

Dr Sparkman said playing for the Christ Church Cathedral has been one of the major milestones in his music career. “Another memorable thing I did was play during the visit of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in the 90s. It’s not a singular honour, because I was not only playing for her, but to have the privilege of playing at a service that she attended, was great,” he said.

The proceeds of the concert will furnish new string instruments to St John’s College students as they participate in the school’s first orchestra. There is no admission charge for the recital, and all are welcome to attend; however, donations are made during a collection. Previous concerts of Dr Ferguson have benefited St Anne’s High School and the College of the Bahamas.


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