Jury Selected For Trial Or Pair Accused Of Shooting Senior Cop


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A JURY was selected yesterday to hear evidence in the attempted murder trial of two men accused of the hold up and shooting of a senior police officer.

However, evidence will not be heard until January 30 in the case of Maurice Armbrister and Excell Josey, who are accused of the late night attack on Supt Clayton Fernander outside his home.

Vinette Graham-Allen, director of public prosecutions, requested that the matter be adjourned as there were legal matters that needed to be dealt with.

Respective attorneys for the accused men, Wayne Munroe and Romona Farquharson-Seymour, had no objections to the request, which was granted by Justice Cariolita Bethell.

Justice Bethell asked the nine-member jury to return for the 2.30pm session of court on Thursday, where the trial is expected to commence.

Both Armbrister, 23, of Faith Gardens and Josey, 21, of Balls Alley, face a charge of attempted armed robbery and attempted murder relating to the April 10, 2013 incident.

Armbrister was further charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition – a black and silver Smith and Wesson .45 pistol with 29 .45 bullets.

It is claimed that on the day in question, both men, concerned with others, attempted to cause the death of Supt Fernander. It is also claimed that they tried to rob him while armed with a handgun.

Supt Fernander was shot multiple times in the arm and upper body when two masked, armed men confronted him shortly after he pulled up at his home in the St Vincent Road area.

He was armed at the time, but was not able to return fire.

Both men were arraigned in Magistrate’s Court six days later where they were not required to enter a plea to the first two charges.

Armbrister pleaded not guilty to the firearm and ammunition charges.

Munroe is being assisted by Jomo Campbell in Armbrister’s defence.

Neil Braithwaite is assisting prosecutor to DPP Graham-Allen.


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