It all adds up to some smart students

FIVE students won prizes for their ability to solve mental math problems quickly and accurately at the 11th Primary Mathematics Students’ Workshop.

The Primary Curriculum Section of the Department of Education hosted the workshop in an effort to support the commitment of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to raise the level of numeracy skills among students.

The objective of the workshop was to strengthen the capacity of teachers and students at the primary school level in mathematics content, strategies and mental appreciation.

Dr Joan Rolle, senior education officer for primary mathematics, explained that the basic thrust was to get students to implement strategies to compute and solve problems quickly.

She was pleased to note that prior workshops were held in Abaco, Eleuthera, Andros and Exuma and she hopes to continue to share this knowledge with students in the Family Islands.

Dr Rolle said students who participated in the workshop in previous years have gone on to pursue degrees in mathematics or related subject areas and are now making valuable contributions to the country.

Antonia Bain, a sixth grade teacher at Gambier Primary School, was a facilitator at the workshop for the first time. Ms Bain said she hopes the students will use the strategies they learned to make mental math a whole lot easier.

LeAnna Deveaux-Miller of TG Glover Primary School was the other facilitator.

For the eleventh year, sixth-grade students were selected based on their above-average ability in mathematics.

This year, there was 100 per cent participation from all invited schools.

Throughout the day, students received tokens for each correct answer.

Shabrea Davis of Carlton Francis Primary School emerged as the winner of the first place prize. Tavion Dickenson of Claridge Primary School was second.

There were three mathematicians tied for third place, Pooja Krishna of Palmdale Primary School, Lyric Lightbourne of Gerald Cash Primary School and Jayde Anthony of Claridge Primary School.


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