Are You Living Fearlessly Or Fearfully?

By Michelle M Miller

LIFE is not only about choices but more about activating your power to choose. In particular, having the courage to choose how you will live your life, whether fearlessly or fearfully.  

Regrettably, people are more familiar and maybe even more comfortable with the notion of fear. 

Consequently, it’s the driving force behind their thinking, actions and behaviour. More than this, fear tactics, fear induced information through media programming has become such a norm that people live essentially fearful, or better said, full of fear.

The overriding goal for this writing is to nudge you to think a little deeper about your current state of being. If you are willing to honestly look within at your internal wiring, you can assess for yourself to the degree to which your mind is hard-wired to be fearful versus being fearless.

What I know for sure is that when your fear becomes full, your power becomes less. As such, you live fearful and powerless. On the other hand, when your fear becomes less, your power becomes full and you live fearless and powerful. The latter is a state of being that anyone can achieve if you are willing to do the work.  

The big question is, how do you move from fearful to fearless? 

First things first, you must have a yearning desire and you must be willing to believe that deep within you there’s more power inside of you than in that which you fear. This is where it gets a little difficult, because so many are exposed to such a small self-concept.  

For your fear to become less you must expand your self-concept. You must cleanse the lens of your perception and expand your understanding of what you think you are made of.

Many are quick to quote the scriptures, but slow to live the word because of lack of life understanding. Life is not some small timer’s league. Life is huge!  It is a colossal opportunity filled with unlimited possibilities. 

You are made in the image and after the likeness of master creator. You are born fearless, not fearful. The sooner you reorient your mind to this truth, the sooner you can get on with living the life you love.

Words have unlimited power. They are the surgical tools with which you sculpt your mind and carve out your life. If you want to move away from being fearful, begin to assess you daily words.  Listen to how the words you use or listen to make you feel; are they moving you towards being fearless or fearful. 

Until you change your inner wiring, your outer life will remain the same.

When you surrender to fearful living you experience lack and limitation. Eventually, anxiety, anger and aggression become the norm. Fear promotes the idea of someone being out to get you.  When in truth most of this is only an illusion playing in your mind.  

You must be willing to live fearlessly by bringing your inner light to the surface. When you turn on the light within, which takes concerted effort and consistent work, it slowly clears away the fog of fear.

Be certain that living fearlessly is not for the timid. It is for the brave-hearted. For those of valiant spirit who are willing to stand in their own shoes.

When you are willing to trust the power within; you learn to elevate your mind from being fearful to fearless.

Leader to leader, remember only you can decide how you show up in this world. Make today the day that choose to be fearless in living the life that you love.

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