Deadline Extended For Bahamas Carnival Song Competition

BAHAMIAN entertainers will have more time to submit music now that the deadline for the Bahamas Carnival Song Competition has been extended.

Musicians have until July 21 to submit their applications and produce up to three new songs for the competition. The winner of the competition will receive a cash award of $20,000. The first runner-up will receive $12,500; the second runner-up $7,500, and the third runner-up $4,000.

The remaining six finalists will receive $1,000 each. The top 25 songs will be produced as a compilation album and distributed locally and globally. Composers and writers will retain the copyright and publishing rights (intellectual properties) of their song.

Several veteran musicians and upcoming artists said they plan to accept the challenge to write, produce and create original music that will propel Bahamian artistry to a higher level.

Rules and Regulations

1. The BNFC Song Competition is open to Bahamians. Employees of the Bahamas National Festival Commission Secretariat and BNFC Commissioners are not eligible to participate in the competition

2. Each entrant may submit up to three songs.

3. Each entry must include: Completed entry form with original signature; CD/digital audio file containing one song only, four minutes or less in duration, and typed lyrics and lead sheet.

4. The CD/digital audio file should contain only the entry song and should not have any part of the recording or label which can identify the artist(s), applicant(s), producer(s) or the song writer(s).

5. The song should have the characteristics of the Bahamas; be one that evokes and celebrates Bahamian rhythms and flavour. In addition, the song should be one that is memorable with popular and emotional appeal.

6. All entries submitted must be original songs and shall not infringe on any copyrights or any other rights of a third party. The entrant warrants that the entry is an original song and entrants shall by entering, indemnify and hold the BNFC Secretariat harmless against any claims arising out of the entrant’s violation of the foregoing.

Songs which do not satisfy the above criteria and the technical specifications will be rejected.

7. The BNFC Secretariat reserves the right to decide the method of selecting the winning song and also reserves the right to reject any or all entries submitted.

The BNFC Secretariat will use its best efforts to announce the finalists at a designated time, but will not be held liable for any unforeseen delays. Finalists will be notified of their selection by email or telephone.

8. Each entry must be accompanied by an entry fee of $25. If submitting more than one entry, you may total all entries on one check (example: three entries = $75). If paying by credit card, $25 per song entry will be charged to your account.

9. If entries are submitted electronically, each entry must include: (A) completed entry form (or photocopy). All entries must have an authorized signature. (B) CD or digital audio file(s) containing one song only, four minutes or less in length. (C) Cheque or money order for $25.

10. If songs are submitted electronically, MP3s of 8MB or less is permitted, $25 per song entry will be charged to your credit card. This cost is the same whether entering electronically or regular mail. Applicants should copy and paste the lyrics into the electronic field.

11. Finalists shall make themselves available during the course of the competition for all promotional activities.

12. Entrants agree to release, indemnify, and hold the BNFC Secretariat, its sponsors and judges harmless for liability, damages, or claims for injury or loss to any person or property relating to, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, participation in promotional activities or entrants’ violation of any these rules

13. By entering the BNFC Song Competition, entrants agree to accept and be bound by the decisions of the BNFC Secretariat and its judges, which are final and binding in all matters.

14. The entrant hereby grants to the “Bahamas Carnival Commission” (or whatever the official name is by the proposed statute currently being drafted) the rights to record, photograph, broadcast, or otherwise publish for promotional purposes any portion of live performances of the entrant of the song.

15. The entrant hereby grants to the “Bahamas Carnival Commission” (or whatever the official name is by the proposed statute currently being drafted) the unconditional rights to include the live performance of the entrant in the competition on any DVD should the Commission in its sole discretion determine. The Commission hereby acknowledges the right of the entrant to, and shall pay to the entrant, his/her proportionate royalty if such a DVD is created.


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