Majority unhappy with Dame Marguerite's appointment as Governor-General

The majority of Tribune readers are unhappy with Dame Marguerite’s appointment as Governor General, according to the tribune242.com poll, with just 19 per cent in favour of her appointment.

Commenting on the new Governor General, “DillyTree” had strong words: “It speaks very badly for us if this is the best candidate we could put forward as our new Governor General. Shame on the government for making fools out of all of us in front of the whole world. It’s beyond embarrassing.”

But “Birdiestrachan” was confident Dame Marguerite would do well in the position: “Extremely happy with her appointment, she will do a great job, no doubt in my mind. There is no one better than she is to fill the post. I am aware that Mr Pindling made some mistakes, so have I. But the good he did for the Bahamas far out weighs any wrong he may have done.”

“Asiseeit” wasn’t hopeful of her appointment uniting the nation: “I wonder how she thinks she is going to unite the nation when she is part of the problem. Lady P is a political elite, she has all the perks of being part of the very party that most normal Bahamians see as the root cause of the degradation of the nation.”

But the last word goes to “sheeprunner12” who said: “I look forward to Mrs Ingraham and Mrs Christie being confirmed in the future as GGs. The precedent has been set.”


ThisIsOurs 8 years, 4 months ago

We are in a mess all around. Staff replacements begun, "allegedly". How many millions will be spent on new curtains? Did anyone see how stiffly she walked past those soldiers? She barely looked at one of them. Who knows if that was nerves, but hardly the demeanour of someone who can deliver on a promise to "unite the country". We are in a mess


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