Too Much Filth

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I was extremely embarrassed recently when house guests from abroad informed me that Montagu Beach, which I had recommended to them as it is within walking distance of my home, was so filthy they declined to either picnic or swim there.

After visiting other parts of the island over the next week, my guests expressed dismay and disgust at the practice of Bahamians in discarding whatever rubbish they had at hand, be it food containers, bottles, cans or papers by either throwing them on the ground as they walked or out of the car windows as they drove. They further commented that in their country this sort of behaviour was not only unacceptable but would immediately be rewarded with a hefty fine and a number of hours of community service engaged in picking up and bagging the same trash.

As someone who drives from one end of the island to the next on an almost daily basis, it is difficult to ignore the filthy condition of Nassau in general. No matter which road you drive on or beach you visit there is litter in abundance, our “National Pride” on display to the world.

The Ministry of Tourism spends millions of dollars each year promoting the beauty of our islands as do the various corporate sponsors who generously maintain many of our park areas such as Montagu and it is shameful to see their money and efforts being rendered futile by the ignorant, selfish and slovenly behaviour of our people. I’m not sure that it’s better in the Bahamas, but it’s certainly dirtier.



July 21, 2014.


UserOne 6 years ago

Not only is Montagu beach dirty but the signs posted there with rules for the beach are completely ignored. The rules are there to provide an environment that all people can enjoy. However, our people don't seem to care about other people and a shared environment.


birdiestrachan 6 years ago

I can assure you it is better in the Bahamas, but I agree persons should be more responsible and not throw garbage in the street or leave it on the Beaches. it is beyond my understanding why the do.


asiseeit 6 years ago

There are laws on the books that deal with littering, sadly in The Bahamas there is little enforcement of law and order. Also the general public accepts the practice of littering, if a person was to litter say in Canada, the general public would shame that person in a heartbeat, not so here. Nassau as a whole is a dump and nasty.


blackcat 6 years ago

Exactly-laws on the books are not enforced and it is so sad. Meanwhile, this is the same general public who are always ready to party and celebrate their independence pride...........but what kind of pride are we really showing when we litter so freely? The beauty of the islands is one of the main draws and we are ruining it day by day.

When I worked at a school years back, I'll never forget seeing one of the teachers who I admired most finish her drink and throw her plastic cup over her shoulder without a second thought. It landed in the bush right across from the school yard. I was shocked, angry and embarrassed. Not what we should be teaching our kids! We need to lead by example.


sheeprunner12 6 years ago

There's is too much filth in the Cabinet .......................... as far as the streets/public spaces are concerned .............. just hire 10,000 PLPs as general service workers to clean it up with brooms and buckets OR follow Freeport's model and buy some cleaning machines


Shirley 6 years ago

On a daily basis I drive from JFK to the eastern end of the island and it truly disgusts me to see the miles and miles of litter along the entire commute. I will never understand how anyone could think it is okay to throw garbage on the ground and expect someone to pick up after them. This reflects poorly on us. The other day I was driving behind a dump truck and all along the way boxes, bottles, cans, plastic bags etc. were flying off the back, simply because the idiot failed to secure it. This happens much too often and is one of the reasons why the entire island is filthy. Parents need to set better examples for their children. The litter laws must be enforced. The MOW needs to ensure people are doing what they are being paid to do. We all must be accountable and take responsibility for keeping our surroundings clean. Its not that hard people.


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