Christian Council 'Unlikely' To Back 'No' Vote On Rights


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE Bahamas Christian Council is unlikely to boycott the constitutional referendum or to encourage Christians to say no to proposed constitutional amendments, BCC Acting President Archdeacon James Palacious told The Tribune yesterday.

After the government chose to ignore the results of last year’s gaming referendum, some disappointed BCC members, including President Rev Ranford Patterson, said they would not support another referendum called by the Christie administration.

Nonetheless, Archdeacon Palacious said that encouraging churchgoers to boycott the referendum would be an “untenable” action by church leaders whose members he noted are predominantly women and would want to see discrimination against them removed from the Constitution.

“There should be no law that does not give women constitutionally equal rights to men,” Archdeacon Palacious said. “That’s my position and I do believe that is the position of the Bahamas Christian Council.

“We were always in agreement with that. God doesn’t make second class citizens and no law in any land where women pay taxes should treat them in a discriminatory way. How can you say ‘Daughter, you don’t have the same rights as your brother?’ I think that fundamentally wrong and flawed.”

As for whether the church, still disappointed by the government’s decision to regulate the web shop industry, will support a “yes” vote for the Constitutional referendum, he said: “I don’t know what (Rev Patterson’s) position would be with respect to supporting the (vote), but I would say he was disappointed as many people were that a referendum (costing) over $1 million was not binding. This, however, is not a moral or ethical issue in the way the other one was perceived to be by the church. It’s more clear-cut. I doubt the church will boycott this referendum (because) 77 per cent of the church are women and you going to talk foolishness? That would put us in an untenable place. A change is long overdue.”

Prime Minister Perry Christie introduced four bills in the House of Assembly on Wednesday that, once passed, will lead to a referendum to amend the Constitution.

The first bill would allow a child born outside of the Bahamas to a Bahamian mother and a non-Bahamian father to have citizenship; bill two would allow a foreign man married to a Bahamian woman to seek Bahamian citizenship; bill three would allow an unmarried Bahamian father to pass his citizenship to a child born to a foreign mother while bill four would end discrimination in the constitution based on sex.

The referendum is slated for November 6.

In 2002, the Ingraham administration held a referendum which, among other things, addressed the issues of gender inequality in the Constitution.

However in that poll 64 per cent of Bahamians voted “no” to removing discrimination against women, their children and spouses from the Constitution.

The Church’s position on the referendum was mixed at the time. The Methodist Church of the Bahamas urged its members to support the 2002 amendments while the Catholic Church said the changes would improve the quality of lives for Bahamians.

However, then BCC President Bishop Samuel Green said the Council would not support the proposed amendments because it felt the referendum was being held without engaging Bahamians in widespread public discussion and debate.

Archdeacon Palacious yesterday said he doesn’t believe the upcoming referendum will be rejected like the proposed amendments were in 2002.

“A lot of anger existed in the county at the FNM in 2002 and for all kinds of reasons people threw out the baby with the bath water,” he said. “If Hubert Ingraham had told people that Jesus died for them, some of them wouldn’t have believed it.”

Nonetheless, Archdeacon Palacious said more “fundamental” issues than gender discrimination in the Constitution needs to be addressed in this country, though he did not specify what those issues are.

He said he believes the Christie administration is using the constitutional referendum to “save face,” adding that the passing of something so “obviously necessary” would enable the government to finally claim that it has conducted a successful referendum.


sheeprunner12 6 years ago

What is Palacious trying to say???????????? He should be rejoicing that his fellow Haitian brethren and sistren are finally going to get some equal rights................. SMT


Publius 6 years ago

Haitians? What does giving Bahamians equal rights in their own country have to do with Haitians? Why is it that Bahamians are so xenophobic that everytime their own rights are to be fought for, they see a Haitian boogeyman hiding in a corner?


ThisIsOurs 6 years ago

I'm no xenophobe faaarr from it. But I see the inherent danger in question #3. On that question, my stand is citizenship for the child should be based on a married couple who can prove they lived as a married couple


birdiestrachan 6 years ago

The Christian Council members, Rev. Patterson and Rev Moxey promised not to vote. I hope they will be men to their words and do not vote. if they do vote the Bahamian people will lose respect for them. But I will be at the polls because I always vote. I voted Yes, Yes to legalizing The web shops. Who ever finds themselves in hell, it will not be because they bought numbers.


Andrewharris 6 years ago

What childish nonsense is this?


ThisIsOurs 6 years ago

Oh, that's just birdie being birdie


sheeprunner12 6 years ago

Publius ................... I dont know your level of education or your nationality bent ........... but the ruse of giving females "equal rights" will come back to bite us in our collective asses. So as suggested in Bill#3 ............a Bahamian man can continue to go around making as many babies with women from anywhere in the world and now the offspring will be Bahamians and then ............ are you gonna send the foreign mother back home and give the baby to the daddy?????? Most Bahamian daddies dont check for their children now ..................... what difference will it make????????? These Bahamian fellas just like potcake dogs


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