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RAPPING originally started off as a pastime for young Bahamian musician Keiran Chase, but quickly became a priority after he realised the endless possibilities his blossoming talent could produce.

Adamant about learning to rap with a unique style and write songs that had meaning, Chase, as he is known professionally, did everything to explore the craft.
So far, he has been making strides as an emerging artist, landing gigs and releasing music that his listeners can relate to.

“I first gained a real interest in rap around the time Jay Z released ‘The Blueprint’ in 2001. I had never listened to rap in-depth before then, and soon after decided to attempt to write verses of my own as a pastime. My way of learning to rap was by mimicking Jay Z, and eventually Kanye West. Later on I became interested in Lupe Fiasco and Common’s musical approach and studied them as well. Locally, I was heavy influenced by Deebo and his album ‘My Money My Mother My Music’, which I played for years after its release. It shed light on how to make rap music that had content and lingo relevant to Bahamian culture,” he said.

“My motivation comes from the desire to change the perspective that Bahamians have toward rap music, and more specifically Bahamian rappers. There seems to be a general perspective that music from Bahamian rappers has to mimic and is not on par with that of their American counterparts. I want to be the first or pave the way for the first Bahamian rap artist that truly becomes a commercial success on a level that transcends the Bahamas and reaches other countries,” he told In Ya Ear.

Chase recently released his new single, “See Me”, that is gaining airplay on major radio stations locally. He said his inspiration for the music he produces comes from life experiences.

“I am also inspired by my friends, a few who are also rappers, and together we are known as BASS (Been About Swag and Scrilla). We are constantly around each other sharing music and advice with each other in what has evolved into somewhat of a think tank.

“ ‘See Me’ was inspired by the feeling of summer. For most people summertime represents the most active, carefree time of the year where you want to go out and meet new people and be seen looking your best. I am most passionate about creating and doing things to inspire and motivate Bahamians around me, more importantly the younger generation. I want to be able to reach a position where I can empower Bahamians and make them feel that a sustainable career in music is a real possibility,” the young rapper said.

In the world of music and entertainment there is no one formula for success, therefore investing time and effort into his music and brand are a major priority for him.
“I wish I could say that I have a set routine, but I am not one of those people. As pertains to writing music and making songs, I mostly binge and feed off of the energy I am feeling at the time. During that time I could write three songs in a day, while other times I am not creating for weeks, just trying to be patient and let it come to me naturally. However, I do take an hour a day to watch interviews of artists and industry leaders that I respect or read to stay sharp and expand my imagination and vocabulary,” he said.

Chase is currently writing songs and recording music for a new project, entitled “The Test of Time”, which he hopes to release at the end of this year. He is also working on another single and the video for “See Me”.

“I released a debut mix-tape a few years ago called ‘Young Story’ that features production from Showtime Shaddy and PC of HD Boyz. Although we are still proud of that project, I am eager to show how much I have grown and the different approach I have chosen to take with the production’s sound,” he said.

To find our more about Chase and his latest undertakings, log on to www.findawaychase.com.


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