Sands For Pm?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to voice my opinions on a matter that has been the talk of the town (Nassau) lately. I am talking about the leadership of the PLP and the FNM, I am not too concerned about the PLP because everybody is in charge of that party.

The issue today is the FNM, in particular Dr Duane Sands, who would make a wonderful Prime Minister.

I know for a fact there are some in the party (FNM) who don’t want to see this, that is why they will try to sabotage it. I have had the opportunity to see Dr Sands at work in his constituency and heard him on numerous talk shows.

He shows what true leadership is all about. I am on the ground on a daily basis from Englerston, Bain Town, Fox Hill, Fish Fry, Potter’s Cay Dock and, yes, Elizabeth.

The people in Elizabeth constituency are regretful, but that’s spilled milk. They had their chance to elect a great Member of Parliament not once, but twice that’s on them that they do not have good representation now.

We pray and hope that wherever Dr Sands goes in 2017 or even before (because the clowns that are running the show are lost) will see better.

The PLP are out of touch with the masses if election was called today they may get one seat and which one that is, is up in the air, that’s how pissed the people are with them.

Promises are a comfort to a fool, that’s all they make promises and cheap talk.



July, 2014.


Well_mudda_take_sic 3 years, 10 months ago

About the only thing worse than a lawyer as PM is a medical doctor as PM and this applies doubly so if either is a free mason!


pablojay 3 years, 10 months ago

Over time i have been impressed with what i have seen and heard concerning Dr. Sands and i too believe he would do a good job as leader of this country.From what i have seen he has great organisational skills and is a very clear and knowledgeable thinker and his profession makes him one who is "calm under fire" and capable of making the hard decisions, attributes that are, in my opinion ,quite necessary for leading a country and not evident in our present prime minister.The thing that i find missing in him however, is charisma,which personally of no concern to me ,a mature individual,but more important to the masses, who value it over intelligence,work ethics and knowledge ,leadership,etc Politics remind me of a your lady who is being courted by two men, one with and affable and gregarious character,full of laughter , fun and party ,offering her a ride in a nice car that has with a huge loan and practically broke and the other suitor,quite mannerly,respectful,has a car that is not flashy and speaks of plans for the future.---- We all know whom she will choose.


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