Police probe into claims of fake visas for Haitians


Tribune Staff Reporter


CONCERNS have been raised that the Bahamas Embassy in Haiti might have been involved in the fraudulent issue of thousands of Bahamian entry visas to Haitian nationals over the past six months, with some visas also having been sold to persons in Haiti.

The concerns arose after reports were posted online that as much as $1,000 was being charged for some of the entry visas.

Police Assistant Commissioner Anthony Ferguson told The Tribune yesterday, “I can say that the criminal investigation department is conducting an investigation concerning suspected visa irregularities.”

After saying that he must choose his words “carefully,” he declined to specify if ongoing investigations into “visa irregularities” involves Haitians or the Bahamas Embassy in Haiti.

Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell also declined to confirm, deny or comment on the matter when contacted.

For his part, FNM Chairman Darron Cash acknowledged that “the facts about this alleged scandal are not yet known.” He then called on the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister to keep “all stakeholders in the loop” given the seriousness of the claims and the damage they could have on the country’s image and reputation if proven true.

Mr Cash said the FNM will limit its initial commentary on this matter until the facts have been presented.

“We have been down the road of alleged scandal and the desire to get to the bottom of the facts before,” he said. “The most important point to be made to the government is that we have no desire to go down that long and winding road again. A straight path to the truth is the best way to go.

“The charges that have been levelled against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or persons within that ministry are extremely serious,” he said, “and they require a full investigation. Based on the information that we have gotten, the government appears to be treating the matter with the seriousness it deserves. We urge the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister that we are now at the stage where all stakeholders need to be in the loop.

“I am not aware of whether the shadow minister of Foreign Affairs has been briefed, but given the seriousness of the charges I would expect that he will be briefed as a matter of urgency. These kinds of issues have the possibility of doing widespread damage to the country’s image and reputation and there should be no foot dragging in getting to the bottom of the matter.

“Because this is an issue that can do considerable negative damage to the image and reputation of the Bahamas, it is important for us not to jump to conclusions, assume that a charge means guilt or overreact. Without question the government would be aware that these kinds of charges cause scores of questions about people, processes and procedures to be raised. In that regard there is an enormous burden on the Police and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to move with swiftness and determination to get to the bottom of the matter before rumours, gossip and innuendos get out ahead of them.”


SP 9 years ago

WHAT THE?........Another "Police Probe Into Claims Of Fake Visas For Haitians"

Fred Mitchell, Keith Bell and CIB exhausted this visa corruption racket in January 2012 with concrete evidence determining that one Ms. Lefleur was a BIG ring leader and many staffers caught red handed exchanging passports for Haitians cash all over the place.

The Permanent Secretary was also strongly implicated but as Fred Mitchell quickly found out "THE PS WAS TOO BIG TO TOUCH".

the Ministry is unable to determine or confirm the identities or whereabouts of persons who would have become recipients of these Bahamian entry visas in Haiti.

Now the whole visa corruption scandal has gone full circle, escalating to absolute mammoth proportions with untold THOUSANDS OF HAITIANS buying visa's and the government has NO IDEA who is here, not here, legally or illegally.


Half stepping fools haven't resolved 1 problem in 20 years...They just keep kicking the can down the road, passing the buck and picking their noses until the country is totally destroyed by these Haitian parasites.

Since entry visa applications entail a vetting process that includes the involvement and affirmation of a Sponsor. The Sponsor is responsible for the applicant, verifying his/her purpose for traveling to The Bahamas, the address wherein the applicant will reside while in The Bahamas and when the applicant is scheduled to return to Haiti.

JACKASS'S now have only one option to resolve this issue.....Investigate all the sponsors' responsible for Haitian visa applicants over the last 20 years. Make them provide proof their people left the Bahamas AND HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.

Stop issuing visa's......Until this matter is sorted.

Everyone knows Haiti is the most corrupt cesspool in the hemisphere where ANYTHING, documents, weapons, drugs and whatever else is for sale...ANYTIME!

Why these JACKASS'S thought they could control visa issuance in Haiti....WHEN THEY ALREADY KNEW THEY COULDN'T CONTROL IT RIGHT HERE IN THE CAPITAL...Is beyond rational thought!


http://www.sentinel.ht/politics/artic...">http://www.sentinel.ht/politics/artic... corruption has traditionally been common currency in......


rony 9 years ago

Bahamian to silly, everytime I talk about this haitian problem people say I don't like them. Your country is gone!!! Now we will really see what hard times are.


Reality_Check 9 years ago

Freddie Boy sees nothing wrong with the Haitianization of the Bahamas and he would like to see more Haitians than Bahamians at our polling stations during general elections and many more Haitians employed than Bahamians. But first he must get rid of those annoying white supremacist Swiss bankers who are employing too many Bahamians and paying their employees too much. Yes, Freddie Boy has always had his sleeves rolled up when it comes to laying the groundwork for Bahamians to be a minority in their own country. He much prefers thinking of himself as saviour of the Haitian community in the Bahamas and could not care less about what this means for the quality of life of the average Bahamian. His National ID scheme will have the thousands of Haitians now carrying an illegal Bahamian passport receive a Bahamas National ID Card. Go Freddie Boy Go....most Bahamians surely deserve everything you are bringing their way under your master plan!


SP 9 years ago

Illegal Haitians are the single biggest threat to the National Security of The Bahamas.

Just one person with a stolen passport is the key suspect so far in this weeks Malaysian jetliner disaster.


Ho much damage will UNTOLD THOUSANDS of forged passports by Haitians do to our country?


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