Dr Conville Brown Is A Class Act

“Ridgeland Primary is a school that pursues excellence. Excellence is what we do, when we obey the school’s rules. They teach us how to read and write, They teach different skills. The teachers are so caring: we strive to do…our best, Ridgeland Primary is a school that pursues excellence.”

These words taken from the school’s song must have sounded in the heart of Dr Conville Brown as he answered the call for help from his former school, Ridgeland Primary.

At the request of guidance counsellor Chryslee Rolle for assistance to complete the ongoing project of fully establishing a computer lab at the school, Dr Brown, CEO and president of the Medical Pavilion, came to the rescue.
Unfortunately, both Dr Conville Brown and Dr Corrine Sin Quee were unable to be present as they both had to attend a medical conference last Thursday, so C Stephan Brown, on behalf of his father, Dr Brown, and the Bahamas Heart Centre, presented the 15 monitors and 15 keyboard-mouse sets that the project still required.

Dr Brown was one of the first students to attend Ridgeland Primary when the school opened its doors in 1969. He said he is proud to say that Ridgeland Primary has helped to mold him into the man he is today, as he is now a successful cardiologist after using this school as his first stepping stone.

Dr Brown was eager to give back to his school and the community in which he was raised upon hearing of the endeavour that Ms Rolle had embarked on.

C Stephan Brown said “that working with computers day in and day out in the IT Department of the Medical Pavilion Bahamas, I naturally was given the task of sourcing the desired items for donation.”

“With these items, we hope that you, the students, are able to reach for higher heights in your education, and not only dream big, but achieve great things in your schoolwork, your homes, and ultimately, your lives,” he said.

BeccaMae Stubbs, principal of Ridgeland Primary, expressed her gratitude to Dr Brown for his contribution to the school. During the school’s weekly assembly service, she told the students:

“Dr Brown was educated in these halls and the fact remains that while you are here as students you can become, develop, and when you enter the world later on you can become anything or anyone you wish be. All you have to do is continue to work hard and understand that excellence is our goal.”
The new computer lab is schedule to open this week.


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