Third Bahamasair Jet Comes Into Service

BAHAMASAIR has commissioned the third jet in its fleet - with the jet coming into service on Monday this week.

The jet was commissioned on March 6 at an event attended by Deputy Prime Minister Philip ‘Brave’ Davis.

Mr Davis hailed the occasion as “embracing an opportunity”.

He said: “The purchase of this aircraft is a clear demonstration of the Government’s commitment to the ongoing effort to improve the service provided by BahamasAir and to enhance the long term viability of BahamasAir.

“We now expect to see the expansion of BahamasAir’s international route network in order to generate additional revenues that could serve to substantially reduce the amount of the Government subsidy, and lessen the burden BahamasAir has placed on the Bahamian taxpayers over the years.”

Bahamasair chairman Valentine Grimes said: “We are pleased to commission this aircraft as we prepare it for service commencing on March 17. This is the third jet to be added to our fleet in recent times as Bahamasair took delivery of two jets one in March and the other in June 2012.

The addition of these fully compatible Boeing 737-500 series aircraft will allow Bahamasair to expand its international mission and will provide back up for the existing jet fleet. It is our plan to provide airlift into additional cities of the US.

“This aircraft will also be utilised to increase our capacity on the Florida routes during the peak periods of Thanksgiving, Christmas and the summer months.”


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