Deserved Words Of Praise For Hospital Staff

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Last week, I was admitted to The Princess Margaret Hospital, Maternity Ward, in labour, because I had a previous caesarean section, I knew that I was to deliver by that mode again.

The reception I got on the Labour Ward was great. I was prepared and left for my caesarean section, which resulted in the birth of a healthy baby and a proud mother. From the Operating Theatre I was taken to the Antenatal Ward, where once again the service was exceptional. I was assisted to bed, updated on my baby, and even had a small visit, then my baby went back to the nursery for the night. My nurse explained my treatment; made sure that I was comfortable then wished me a pleasant good night.

I was overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised, seeing as my first caesarean section was done at Doctors Hospital, but due to finances I decided to go public this time. The Maternity Ward was comparable if not better than Doctors Hospital. That was my thoughts as I fell asleep.

The next morning I was given a bath by a nurse in pink, a very pleasant lady. We talked about little things then she helped me to my chair, while she made my bed. The morning staff came on and I just marvelled at the camaraderie of the team. It made me wonder why I went private in the first place.

Then a lady that I had not seen before came on the ward and looked at my notes. She started talking to the nurses like they aren’t even human. “I am Mrs Allen and I am the supervisor,” I quote. She said something about “fluid chart” and “medication error”. I watched as the nice nurse who worked in the area, gently steered her out of my room and into the corridor. It seems to me that the nurses were used to this verbally abusive attitude of Mrs Allen. They all spoke to her without raising their voices. Her accusations to the nurses had me worried, but then I realised that I could not feel better than I did then, and I knew something was wrong. I felt sorry for the nurses who have to work with this woman. I too am a supervisor where I work, and if I ever spoke to my team the way she spoke to those nurses, I would know that it would be time for me to retire or find a new job. I trust that most patients do not come into contact with Mrs Allen.

To the staff of the Labour and Antenatal Wards – Be strong, you are doing a great job. Continue to strive for excellence.



March 2014.


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