Royal Society Of St George Helps Bahamas Girl Guides

The Bahamas Girl Guides Association was the recipient of a donation from the Royal Society of St George.

At the presentation held recently, Judy Ansell-Grindrod, president of the Society, gave a brief history of the Nassau branch, which was founded in 1989.

“Our aim and objectives are to keep fresh the memory of those in all walks of life who have served the Commonwealth in the past, and to inspire leadership in the future,” she said.

Mrs Ansell-Grindrod further explained that they seek to encourage and help young people to greater achievement and to help the community where help is needed.  

“The Society is aware of the work of the Bahamas Girl Guides Association and their effort to construct a new headquarters building. We are pleased to assist you with achieving this goal, and trust that others would also be inspired to help.”

Dr Gail Saunders, chairperson of the New Building Committee and former president of the Bahamas Girl Guides Association, thanked Mrs Ansell-Grindrod  on behalf of the fundraising committee, which is chaired by Clarice Granger, former chief commissioner and now life member of the Association. 

“We extend our gratitude to the members of the Royal Society of St George as this much needed contribution  represents a step on the long journey toward a new headquarters building,” said Dr Saunders. She further encouraged other societies, corporate agencies, former guides  and friends of guiding to help the Association achieve this significant goal. Pictured from left: Mrs. Elma Garraway, Assistant Chief Commissioner; Mrs. Judy Ansell-Grindrod, President of Royal Society of St. George; and Dr. Gail Saunders, Chairperson.


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