Why Leslie's Words Hurt So Much

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I have a friend who is trapped in a marriage in which over the years her husband has been emotionally and physically abusive. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but there is still some abuse and she lives in fear as to when he might become violent.

When Leslie Miller talked about beating up his girlfriend it sent chills down the spines of many women who are victims of abuse. His words gave some men another justification or a pass for beating up their wives or girlfriends. The laughter by many of the men in the House of Assembly made matters worse.

Many women waited to see if our male leaders would come forward and set Mr. Miller straight. Perry Christie said nothing. Neither did Dr Hubert Minnis or Branville McCartney.

In my mind, these men are all cowards who refused to stand up to Leslie Miller and to stand up for our women. They must be a part of a men’s club where it’s okay to laugh about beating a woman.

While Dr Minnis and Mr McCartney are wrong for not saying anything the biggest fault is with Mr Christie. He is the prime minister and Mr Miller is in his party.

Many brave women endure domestic violence every day in this country. What the women of the country want is for our political leaders to be braver men and to stand up and defend them against abusive words and violence.

Our women also want their sisters like Melanie Griffin and Glenys Hanna Martin and Cynthia “Mother” Pratt to stand with them. They haven’t so far.

It’s a sad day when those we elected to lead us have mostly remained quiet especially at a time when domestic violence is so high and when women are being murdered or beaten close to death by boyfriends and husbands.

How can these leaders talk about fighting crime if they can’t even lift up their voices to defend female victims of male abuse and violence? The Lord hears the cry of the poor and the weak. Sadly our political leaders generally do not, including the three spineless men who lead our political parties.



March 23, 2014.


birdiestrachan 6 years, 4 months ago

Ashamed of our Leaders why do you not encourage and assist your friend with the means to leave her abusive relationship, there are those who abuse and there are persons who enable abusers. All things start and end with the man or the woman in the mirror..

After all is said and done we are all responsible for ourselves. and it does no good to play the game blame. We all make our own decisions good or bad.


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