Pastors Join Forces To Fight 'Kingdom Of Darkness'

Pastor James Newry, of Calvary Deliverance Church, and Apostle Rodney Roberts, of Five Porches of Deliverance, will be joining forces to declare “War Against the Kingdom of Darkness”. 
“Have you been battling, feel defeated, weakened by physical, spiritual, emotional and financial foes? Are you tired of the violence overtaking our country?

Can’t stop the pain – the hurt? Don’t be a victim be, a glorious victor.”

This is the message of Calvary Deliverance and Five Porches, who together are sounding out the battle cry. 
It is ‘warfare’ time on this Sunday at 6.30 pm at Calvary Deliverance Church on East Street South.

The pastors promise that there will be a “rebounding, powerful and soul-impacting miracle and deliverance healing service”.

“Bring the oppressed, depressed, sick, lame, blind, broke, busted and disgusted,” they said.
According to the two churches, these two anointed men of God and their congregations are a commissioned army ready to battle for and with you.

“You may ask, ‘Can others do miracles like the apostles?’ Mark 16:17-18 states: ‘And these signs will follow those who believe in my name they will cast out demons they will speak in other tongues and… will heal the sick’,” the pastors said.

There will be praise and worship as well as special music by the Five Porches of Deliverance International Choir, CDC Sanctuary Choir, the Praise Team and Junkanoo.


thereverend 6 years, 3 months ago

A kingom divided against itself cannot stand...these jokers talkin bout fightin darkness while they live in darkness, child please


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