Talk Show Host Accused Of Conning Woman Out Of $100,000


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A TALK-show host appeared in Magistrates Court yesterday accused of conning a woman out of $100,000, and obtaining goods and cash from a number of business under false pretences.

The 34-year-old “Kiwi Show” host Kenyon Williams appeared before Magistrate Carolyn Vogt-Evans facing a number of fraud charges dating back to October 2011.

He was separately charged with forgery. It is alleged that between October 31 and November 1, 2011, he forged a Commonwealth Bank conveyance with intent to defraud.

On the second charge, fraud by false pretences, the Baillou Hill Road resident is accused of using the conveyance between January 8 and December 2, of 2013 to obtain $100,000 from Christine Rolle.

A second accused, 32-year-old Shavez Bain of South Beach, faced a charge of abetment to commit fraud by false pretences concerning the $100,000.

Both are alleged to have conspired to commit the crime between January 8 and December 2, of 2013.

Both Williams and Bain pleaded not guilty to the charges against them and elected to have the matters tried in the Magistrate’s Court.

In another arraignment, Williams was charged with seven counts of fraud by false pretences with 35-year-old Monique Bethel of Fox Hill.

It is claimed that they, in March of this year, obtained a number of goods from Thompson Trading, Island Wholesale Ltd, Caribbean Bottling, and Bahamas Wholesale Ltd together valued at $6,633.

It is further claimed that between April 29 and May 6, they obtained cash from the Nassau Block company, Premier Importers and Lightbourne Marine Ltd, totalling $11,295.

They were finally charged with attempted fraud by false pretences as they tried to obtain $6,500 from Premier Importers.

Williams and Bethel also pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The police prosecutor for court no. 6 had no objection of bail for either Bain or Bethel, but did object to Williams being granted bail on the grounds that he was already on bail for similar offences and that those investigations were continuing.

Magistrate Vogt Evans granted Monique Bethel $13,000 bail with suretors and monthly reporting conditions for the last Sunday of each month on or before 6pm at the Fox Hill police station.

The magistrate also ordered that Bethel be fitted with an electronic monitoring device.

Bethel’s lawyer, Michael Francis, asked the court to reconsider its position on the ankle bracelet. However, the magistrate said she was not reconsidering.

Bain was also given similar conditions although her bond was lower at $10,000. She must report to the South Beach police station.

Her lawyer, Keith Seymour, also urged the court to reconsider that his client was eight-months pregnant.

“There’s no evidence that she’s a flight risk,” he said, basing his statement on the fact that his client was not in custody, but on police bail.

Magistrate Vogt-Evans, however, said that this was only the case because of the police’s unwillingness to take any chances with a pregnant woman in jail.

She noted that the bracelet would not interfere with her visits to the Princess Margaret Hospital and that the same treatment for males is the same treatment that females would get.

As for Williams on the question of bail, his lawyer Stanley Rolle, argued that his client’s pending matters in another court were disposed of in 2012.

“In relation to the ongoing investigation, it is of no moment. He is here today on what is before the court” Mr Rolle said.

“He’s a fit candidate for bail. He’s young at 34-years-of age, is a father of six children and his ties are to The Bahamas and it is less likely that he will abscond,” the lawyer added.

“They are allegations in the face of the court and I will also ask the court to bear in mind his presumption of innocence in the face of these allegations,” Mr Rolle further noted.

He concluded that similar restrictions could be placed on his client if there was concern that Williams would interfere with the investigations.

The police prosecutor responded that the lawyer was misinformed concerning his client’s pending matters and added that it was by “chance” that police managed to stumble upon the wanted accused.

Magistrate Vogt-Evans noted Williams’ presumption of innocence, but expressed concern about granting bail to the accused in view of the information that he had an outstanding warrant before the court.

“I would put him under house arrest if I were to grant him bail,” she said. “I probably won’t give him bail and I will invite you to go to the Supreme Court.”

The magistrate said she would defer an official decision on this until June 13 when the prosecution, by that date, should produce information on Williams’ history.

A trial date was set for July 25.


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