"Women Of Virtue, Women Of War" - Company Of Deborahs Hosts Conference


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THE COMPANY of Deborahs officially kicked off their second annual “Women of Virtue, Women of War” conference yesterday at the New Victory Temple, Church of God.

The conference, set to resume tonight and run until Friday, is being held under the theme “I Survived Victorious Through Christ”. It is hosted by Prophetess Anoja Goddard.

Speakers, moderators and psalmists include Prophetess Jan McKenzie, Pastor Cleopatra Williams, Prophetess Dorothy McPhee, Sister C, Prophetess Felicia Archer, Shanique Thurston and Lyrically Blessed.

Prophetess Goddard said the conference is an assignment that was given to her in a vision by God in 2011.

“He showed me where He will take this conference and the magnitude of it, but not how we’re going to get there. I was instructed by the Holy Spirit to establish this conference under Judges 4, where Deborah a servant/prophetess of God, a wife, and a judge led the children of Israel to victory through the leading of the Lord,” said Prophetess Goddard.
She said it was in 2012 when she said yes to God and held the first two-night conference.

“It was not until the morning after the conference that the name the Company of Deborahs was established. The Company of Deborahs can be found on the very popular social media Facebook with 97 likes and climbing nationally and internationally,” said Prophetess Goddard.
The company, she said, is here to encourage the Deborahs of today to be courageous, to help them to know God as a deliverer.

“Our country needs today’s Deborahs to join in the war with prayer and fasting, for our nation is under siege. But God said: ‘If my people, which are called by my name, would humble themselves and pray and seek my face then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land.’ No doubt our land needs healing. Let us reestablish ourselves as a praying nation,” said Prophetess Goddard.

She said women are faced with many challenges – in their homes, on their jobs, in their churches – and there are many who are living in difficult situations which they fear they will never escape. Prophetess Goddard said it is important to remember that Israel was in bondage for 20 years, but God delivered them.

As women can be very influential in society, especially in a family structure, Prophetess Goddard said they should use this power to influence, to assist husbands, fathers, sons and daughters in doing what God has instructed them to do.

“This conference through prayer, powerful speakers who deliver the word of the Lord, will assist in empowering our now Deborahs to get in the war and know that you have the victory through Christ,” said Prophetess Goddard.
At the conference, Prophetess Goddard said persons can look forward to the exciting and anointed speakers. “They can expect a time of praise as we are declaring or victory, as our theme for this conference is 1 Corinthians 15:57, ‘I survived victorious through Christ’,” she said.

Prophetess Goddard said God will be present, so conference-goers can expect burdens to be lifted, chains to be broken and His enemies to be scattered. 
“This means all those that sought evil against you, lied on you, scandalised your name, accused you falsely, tried to devise your hurt, will be scattered in Jesus’ name,” she said.

Even after the conference, she said the Company of Deborahs will continue encouraging women through their Facebook page. She also hopes to expand to the Family Islands, as well as internationally, going forward because there “is no limit to God”.


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