Hearing Date Set For Man's Rape Conviction Appeal


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE Court of Appeal yesterday gave a substantive appeal hearing date for a man who maintains he did not attempt to rape a woman who hitched a ride from him after a cancelled prayer meeting.

Kenyatta Lewis and his lawyer Carlson Shurland were told by appellate court judges that the matter would be heard on October 28.

Lewis, 39, stood trial in the Supreme Court last November, accused of attempting to rape a 53-year-old woman on September 25, 2012.

The victim claimed that sometime around 5am, she was on her way to a prayer meeting when a stranger, Lewis, stopped and offered her ride. The woman learned that there was no prayer meeting upon arrival at the church and claimed that Lewis then offered to take her home.

She added that Lewis was travelling in the wrong direction and when she questioned him, he told her that his vehicle could not reverse. He also told her that he knew a short cut, but she grabbed the steering wheel and the vehicle crashed into a tree.

She claimed that Lewis then attempted to put his hands between her legs and the two got into a struggle where she bit him on the shoulder and finger.

Lewis denied the woman’s story and claimed that he was the victim of a theft. He claimed that while giving the woman a ride, his wallet went missing. He also claimed that he threatened to go to the police to report the woman and she turned the car’s steering wheel.

When the woman tried to flee, he claimed that he held onto her, but was bitten on his finger.

The Supreme Court jury found him guilty of the offence by a count of 6-3. He was later sentenced by Justice Hartman Longley to 15 years in jail.

Lewis is appealing both his conviction and sentence.

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