Rape Suspect Diagnosed As Schizophrenic Denied Bail


Tribune Staff Reporter


A MAN previously diagnosed as “schizophrenic” sought bail for the second time ahead of his trial in connection with the rape of a 17-year-old American girl in San Salvador. 

However, bail was denied to 41-year-old Henry Gray, in whom a psychiatrist found no evidence of delusional thinking or hallucinations.

“In relation to the bail of the applicant, bail is considered with the presumption of innocence in mind,” Senior Justice Jon Isaacs said.

“However, I do not grant bail because there has been no unreasonable delay and while your previous convictions are not of a similar nature to the charge you face, there is an element of violence in them.”

The judge addressed Gray’s lawyer Shivron Gay and said: “Notwithstanding my inclination to deny your client bail, he has a right to appeal my decision as you appreciate.”

Gray, of Cockburn Town, San Salvador, is claimed to have had sexual contact with the teen without her consent on Easter Monday.

The girl was riding her bicycle in the area of the Cockburn Town dock around 10am when a man emerged from the bushes, forcing her to perform oral sex on him despite her pleas not to rape her, it is alleged.

The girl was flown to New Providence for medical evaluation shortly after the incident.

Gray made his first Supreme Court appearance on July 4, when he pleaded not guilty to the rape charge and was given a trial date of February 27, 2017.

In Gray’s previous Supreme Court appearance, the court was informed that he has suffered from schizophrenia and that a letter from a doctor at the Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) indicated this.

However, the judge ordered a psychiatric report to be presented to the court on August 27. On that date, the Crown asked for an extension for the report to be produced.

Gray’s lawyer submitted that he did not think that another four weeks was needed given that the information previously given to the court originated from the PHA itself.

He said if an extension were being given, his client should be given bail.

However, the judge said he was not of the opinion that bail should be granted as Gray “may pose a risk to the society ... until I am satisfied that this is not the case.”

Gray was remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison until his status hearing on October 9.

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