Armed Robbery Case Discontinued As Two Victims Fail To Appear In Court


Tribune Staff Reporter


A DAY after requesting an adjournment, Crown prosecutors discontinued a case against two men accused of a 2011 armed robbery in the absence of two of the three victims. 

Prosecutors Darnelle Dorsett and Kendra Kelly yesterday presented a nolle prosequi signed by the Attorney General asking that three counts of armed robbery against Patrick Clarke and Anthony Young be discontinued.

After seeing the document, Justice Indra Charles obliged the order and informed the accused that the case against them was being discontinued.

However, the judge told the accused that the Crown, if it chose to, could bring the matter back to court at any time.

The alleged incident occurred near a bar on Ross Corner on July 13, 2011, when the pair were accused of holding up Aaron Rolle, Jahcula Collie and Goren Bethel in a car and robbing them of cash and personal items.

Rolle died in police custody last year and Collie did not appear for the case on Wednesday when a jury had been empanelled to hear evidence in the matter.

The remaining complainant, The Tribune understands, is unable to identify the men who allegedly accosted them on the day in question.

Clarke was represented by lawyer Terrel Butler, and Young by lawyer Keith Seymour.

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