Disagreeing With Pm's Detractors

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I am writing to disagree with many of detractors of the Prime Minister who question his tenacity, vision and commitment to getting things done.

In my opinion, the Prime Minister has shown that he is very focused, tenacious and committed when he receives the proper incentive.

Consider that even though there is no workable national plan to create meaningful jobs for Bahamians, adequately address crime, illegal immigration, fiscal prudence, etc, we have seen the Prime Minister stand his ground, in the face of public criticism with a certain member of the House and a Letter of Intent, ensuring the appointment of a certain Governor General, allowing a certain Lyford Cay resident to do as he pleases and taking the necessary steps to ensure the legalising of gambling despite his campaign promises and the results of a national referendum.

I believe he is clearly showing that he knows how to get a job done and he is also showing where his priorities and loyalties lie.

The challenge for the Bahamian people is simply to find out what it would take to incentivise him to act on their behalf.



September, 2014.


242 7 years ago

Lol say no name. We know you wrote this yourself Christie.


ThisIsOurs 7 years ago

Nah he didn't write this:) noname says Christie is clearly showing us that he can be focused when working on what HE wants to do. No name says the challenge is to get him to focus on what WE want him to do.


PKMShack 7 years ago

MONEY and most do not have or not willing to pay him to do his job!


242 7 years ago

Either Christie or someone to shame to claim plp


ThisIsOurs 7 years ago

Nah:) too clever, it's tongue in cheek...they say basically, no plan to address crime or to create jobs for regular Bahamians...but look at how hard he work for Nygard and the gaming boys!


B_I_D___ 7 years ago

"In my opinion, the Prime Minister has shown that he is very focused, tenacious and committed when he receives the proper incentive."

DING DING DING...we have a winner...proper incentive!! Show me da money!!


dehavmoss 7 years ago

I did not just read that letter...................This must be an attempt to give the Bahamian people a good laugh......................................Are we serious?


MartGM 7 years ago

Nice....No Name clearly understands the workings of this PM and indeed his entire party. The only matters that cause them to act are matters that are of importance to them! Love the use of sarcasm No Name!! Well Done Sir/Madam.

Amazing...we must find incentives for our politicians to act hahahaha best thing I've heard all day!!!


JohnDoe 7 years ago

You have put forth a very interesting premise Sir/Madam which seems to be very appropriate to our current affairs. I guess in other words the Bahamian people should "Ask not what the PM and his Party can do for us but rather ask what we can do for the PM and his Party".


TigerB 7 years ago

Well said John..... well said.


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