Padrino Returns Home

By Kortney Rodgers

KNOWN as a multi-talented Bahamian producer, singer, rapper and songwriter, Padrino is a gifted recording artist making strides in the international music industry who plans to feature his beloved country in his new project.

His decision to take a brief hiatus from the local music scene and unite with a United States based record company, Kaos Records, has propelled Padrino to record his second album, entitled “RNIP”, which is set for international release in January 2015.

During his recent trip home to visit family and friends, Padrino and his team decided to “kill two birds with one stone” and film his electronic press kit (EPK), which will showcase all of Padrino’s favourite spots in Nassau. His EPK also includes a mixtape to be released in December and six music videos, one of which will be shot in New Providence for Padrino’s new song called “Dance With the Devil”, a song that talks about the challenges a man faces in dealing with the demons within himself. Described as “scary and aggressive”, the music video captured various locations around Nassau to convey its message.

With a mixture of Bahamian and Irish roots, Padrino composes his own version of Bahamian music, which he said addresses “the struggle, pain, poverty, wealth, greed and power in this country”.

“In spite of what people think about me, whether good or bad, I will always love the Bahamian people, and I will always represent them whether they like me or not,” Padrino said.

To show his love and appreciation for the Bahamian public, Padrino recently performed his second community service event in Union Village. The project, he said, came “out of whim” and provided food for 60-80 residents along with entertainment for adults and children of the community. Padrino also donated a pair of tennis shoes to 13-year-old Brian Davis who expressed hopes of joining his school’s basketball team.

“I wanted to talk to the people in the community and leave some sort of encouragement with the kids in the neighbourhood to let them know that you can come from nothing and still be something in life. That’s what it was all about, taking a couple extra hours out of your own personal time to spend with some people who might not be ale to do what you do every day. There are young men there who need role models like myself who have been down that road before to show them wisdom and hope,” Padrino told Tribune Arts and Entertainment.

Determined to maintain a positive and professional attitude, Padrino considers himself “an inspiration who is able to encourage and motivate the underdog”. Padrino has produced some of the country’s biggest hit records, including “242” with Daddi Whites, “Oscar Pindling” and “Get This Paper” by Porter the Poet, which have all been said to have “started a hip hop revolution in the Bahamas”.

Considered to be “the next great thing out of the Bahamas” by his peers, Padrino has worked with multi-platinum recording artists such as Rocko and Jadakiss; reggae legends such as Jr Reid, Queen Patra, and Frisco Kid, and American recording artists Smoke of Field Mob, Fat Joe, and Gun Play. His label is currently working on a merger deal with American record producers Cool & Dre, while preparing Padrino for his international debut as the first independent Bahamian artist to be released out of the United States. For updates about Padrino’s music, follow him via social media @IAMPADRINO.


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