Ten Robberies In Just Three Days


Tribune Staff Reporter


POLICE are currently investigating ten armed robberies that occurred within three days, one which resulted in the shooting of a woman.

Of those ten incidents, five occurred on Friday. One of the robberies took place at a business in Acklins.

In the first incident, shortly before 7am on Friday, a woman was walking on Dolphin Drive when a man armed with a shotgun robbed her of her handbag containing cash and a cell phone. The suspect then fled in a red Honda.

Moments later, another woman was robbed while at her job at an establishment on Dolphin Drive. She told police that a man armed with a shotgun robbed her of cash before fleeing in a red Honda. Police did not say if the two robberies were committed by the same person.

Then just after 1pm, two men armed with handguns robbed a cashier and two patrons of a business on Farrington Road of cash and three cell phones before fleeing on foot.

In the fourth incident, around 8pm, a man had just pulled up to his Eastern Estates home when a man, armed with a handgun, robbed him of his grey 2006 Dodge Durango license number 9403 and sped off.

In the fifth incident, shortly before 11pm, two men armed with handguns robbed a business on Acklins of a large amount of cash before fleeing on foot, police said.

On Saturday, three more armed robberies were reported, one of which resulted in a woman being shot.

Shortly after 11am, a man and a woman were walking in the area of the Ardastra Gardens, when three men in a maroon coloured Ford Explorer, armed with firearms, robbed the woman of her handbag before speeding off.

The purse contained an I-pad, cell phone and a camera. A short while later police, acting on intelligence, arrested the four suspects at a home in east New Providence. Police also located the vehicle suspected of being used in the armed robbery.

Another armed robbery was reported just after 4pm on Saturday.

Police said that two men armed with firearms robbed a variety store located on Carmichael Road west of cash before fleeing on foot.

In the third incident, shortly before 7pm, a man armed with a handgun robbed a clothing store on Bernard Road of cash and three cell phones, before fleeing on foot.

Woman shot

The fourth incident took place shortly after 9pm, when a man armed with a handgun entered a bar on Montrose Avenue and demanded cash. A female employee ran on seeing the suspect and was shot in the left arm. The suspect then fled on foot. The victim was taken to hospital where she is detained in stable condition.

The final robbery occurred on Sunday.

According to reports, shortly after 1pm, a man was walking on Carmichael Road when three men and a woman forced him into their vehicle and took him to Gladstone Road, where they robbed him of his cell phone, a laptop computer and his wallet. The assailants left the victim on Gladstone Road and sped off.

Investigations into all of these matters are continuing.


positiveinput 5 years, 4 months ago

Yet there are men are allowed to loiter around banks and other money institutions. However if they are hanging on the blocks, the police would run them. lol What do you think they are staking out observing


John 5 years, 4 months ago

And how many shootings and murders? every time da Bell opens his mouth crime escalates.


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