Getting Fit In The Fight Against Breast Cancer


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IN HONOUR of persons who are fighting breast cancer in the Bahamas, Club One Fitness Centre has designated this entire week to bring awareness to breast cancer prevention.

The fitness centre has partnered with Dr Vanessa Ingraham and Dr Stephen Truszkowski of Pure Health Bahamas and Solomon’s Fresh Markets to create a series of events and a lineup of guest speakers to educate the public – all while having fun as you learn about a serious topic.
The series of events kicked off yesterday with a “Pedal in Pink” cycling marathon and resumes at 9.30am and 5.45 pm today with “TRX for the Tatas” (suspension training).

“The Fight Like a Girl” self-defence class will also take place today at 7.30 pm, and will be hosted by the Beast Mode Fight Team. All events are free to the public.

Speaking on behalf of Club One Fitness Centre, Dianne Gibson, assistant manager and trainer at the gym, said while they have done events in the past in support of breast cancer awareness, they have done anything on this scale.

After meeting with Dr Ingraham, she said, they came up with the idea to host the breast cancer awareness week at Club One Fitness Centre.

“We wanted to look into ways that women here especially can find ways that they can even actually lessen their chances of ever even getting breast cancer. For us, I think we are so touched about this because we have family and members here who have fought and are still fighting the disease. All of a sudden it’s just not a name anymore, you have faces that go with this. And it is just not someone else’s problem or someone else’s family. Those type of things really touched us in that way and that is really the catalyst behind the week,” said Ms Gibson.

Every event is complimentary, so Ms Gibson said whether you are a member or you are not, you can still participate for the remainder of the week. She is hoping that some of the ladies from the Sister Sister Breast Cancer Group and other organisations also join in some of the events.

On Wednesday, the “Zumba Party in Pink” will take place at 6.30 pm. This event will feature the 2015 Bahamas Carnival group, Bahamas Masqueraders.

“Fight Like A Girl Part 2” will also take place on Wednesday, at 7.30 pm, and will again be hosted by the Beast Mode Fight Team. Special guest will be Secret Curves and Sun Kissed Golden Tattoos.

“The Zumba party is something we do every year, and every year it gets bigger and bigger. This year we have two special guests, a lady by the name of Carmen who is a Zumba instructor from Venezuela. We also have the Bahamas Masqueraders carnival group and they are going to be showcasing some costumes and dance moves, so it will truly be a party with them there.

“Secret Curves and Sun Kissed Golden Tattoos will be showing off some of their items as well” said Ms Gibson.

On Thursday, the “Free Healthy Breast Information Talk” by Dr Ingraham will take place at 6.30pm.

“We are working together and she is going to give some free information and a bit of a teaser on breast cancer prevention – what type of foods, lifestyle and things we can do to assist us in trying to avoid ever having the disease in the first place.

“It is a teaser because we will be doing a full course in November – ‘The Healthy Breast Programme’, which is a certification course,” said Ms Gibson.

This ten-week programme launching in November at Club One Fitness Centre is an intensive 12-part learning programme designed to educate individuals in strategies to prevent breast cancer and to assist recovery from the disease using natural therapies in conjunction with conventional diagnostic and treatment options.

Club One Fitness members noted that it is important to stop only talking about awareness and screening, and open up the conversation about how they can prevent breast cancer today.

The programme is designed especially for anyone who has been diagnosed, knows someone who has been diagnosed, has a family history of cancer, and all types of healthcare professionals. Persons can contact dianne@clubonebahamas.com for more information.

“The Free Healthy Breast Yoga Retreat” to conclude Club One Fitness’ breast cancer awareness week will take place on Saturday from 11:30am to 2pm.

The event will feature yoga sessions, lunch and a talk about the best foods for breast health, information on managing emotions and stress, functional movement screens, meditation and removing environmental toxins.

Special guests at this event will be Lightbourn Trading and Solomon’s Fresh Markets.

“We believe that knowledge is power, and a lot of times, especially as young women, we feel like it is someone else’s disease and problem.

“But women are being diagnosed younger and younger every year now. Particularly in the Bahamas we have the highest rate of diagnosis and we have to take that very seriously. Lives of women are cut short and not everyone gets the proper treatment that they need on time, and so it is time as women that we open up this conversation.

“It is free information which will take you very far.

“We purposely did it free of charge so that people can take advantage of it,” said Ms Gibson.


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