Mother Pratt Speaks Up For Urban Renewal Beliefs


FORMER Deputy Prime Minister Cynthia “Mother” Pratt took to the Radio House airwaves yesterday to explain Urban Renewal’s ‘One Bahamas’ philosophy. The organisation’s Co-Chair and Greg Butler, the Deputy Director, did the morning radio rounds of Y98 FM, Cool 96 and Joy FM and last night launched the General Education Diploma for those who have been expelled from or dropped out of school.

“What we do is with a ‘One Bahamas’ philosophy that it incorporates not just the Bain and Grants Town community but all other sectors that many persons don’t understand,” Mother Pratt said. “There are persons in need in the eastern areas and other areas as well. We are a proud people so many persons would always hear very little of that.

“We are here to promote and ask for assistance from the national public who would like to donate and assist us in continuing to make Urban Renewal better, helping each other one person at a time.”

Mr Butler talked about additional Urban Renewal schemes such as the Small Home Repair and Hot Spots Initiative programmes, which provides for the distribution of food, clothes and consultation to help people continue to progress in their lives.

“One of the most important programmes that I am proud to speak of is the launching this evening (Monday) at Evangelistic Temple of our General Education Diploma programme for persons who may have been expelled out of school or who may have dropped out,” Mr Butler said. “They now have the opportunity to obtain a graduate qualification diploma, to access them. This is a collaborative effort with Atlantic College, who will be facilitating and offering this programme in partnership with Urban Renewal.”

Mother Pratt thanked The Tribune’s Publisher and Editor Eileen Carron and Tribune Media Group president, Robert Carron, for their partnership with Urban Renewal and the many endeavours they have helped with. She also praised “the countless assistance coming from (H and J) who assisted the Urban Renewal Band in where it is today, providing hundreds of instruments along with the private sector that we are being aligned with”.

“We are all in this boat together,” Mother Pratt said. “We cannot point fingers of who is to blame, but we can unite as ‘One Bahamas’ for all. All donations can be sent to the Urban Renewal Foundation.

“It don’t always have to be money. If a donator isn’t comfortable with donating money, they can donate goods whether it be sodas, food produce or home products for the assistance of home repairs etc.”


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