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FOLLOWING the incorporation of Bahama Hand Prints as well as work by local artists in the latest upgrade to its property, Sandyport Beaches Resort and Hotel in the Sandyport Marina is now calling on other creative-minded Bahamians to contribute.

Representatives of the RCI Gold Crown-winning resort said Bahama Hand Print linens and increased local artwork to highlight the island feel and ambiance have been used in its chic Bahamian-style upgrade to their 72 rooms and suites.

“The project incorporates redecoration of the serene island rooms in fresh, beachy colours complete with new duvets and linens and topped off with an array of vibrant Bahama Hand Print pillows and cushions with seahorse, pineapple, and other tropical pattern,” the resort said.

General Manager Vernon Moss said the acclaimed print manufacturer was the perfect choice for their remodelling needs.

“We couldn’t go wrong with Bahama Hand Prints,” he said. “The quality of the products is excellent; they are locally made and they highlight Bahamas’ beautiful local flora and fauna. We try to create a luxury island ambiance in our rooms and the whimsical pillows add panache.”

Executive Housekeeper Brigitte Fernander, who spearheaded the project, said that the creative concept for the rooms all started with the colours of local paintings featured in each room.

“We centered on the beautiful paintings of Bahamian sea life and scenery from Bahamian artist John Paul,” said Ms Fernander.

“We adopted the colour scheme for the Bahama Hand Prints, the new bed linens and even repainted the walls in sandy tones to match the authentic Bahamian aesthetics of the paintings. It all came together to create the environment of island comfort, perfect to help our guests relax and for them to recognise and feel that are they are in the Bahamas and not in some hotel room.”

Sandyport Beaches Resort and Hotel is not a stranger to featuring local art and scenery on its property. A walk through the lobby will introduce you to a variety of photos of historical Nassau and seven colourful oil paintings depicting Family Island life by Bahamian artist Clifford Fernander of San Salvador.

The renovations are the latest in a series of ongoing upgrades and seasonal “refreshers” to keep the hotel looking fresh and beautiful. Throughout the series of upgrades, General Manager Moss said supporting local business was a top priority.

“We always buy local. As an entirely Bahamian owned and managed boutique resort, we always strive to support local business where we can; we consider these enterprises our partners,” he said.

As Sandyport Beaches Resort and Hotel continues to renovate, Mr Moss said they are continuing to look for interesting Bahamian art to feature and he encourages up-and-coming artists to reach out if they feel their work is a good fit.

“We are always improving, to better serve our clients and as we go through this process we hope to continue to support Bahamian artists and artisans. We invite ‘creatives’ who feel they have work that embodies island life and could enhance our Bahama-chic atmosphere to get in touch. We look forward to more exciting improvements and hopefully more local artist involvement.”


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