BEC plan to buy generators branded a waste of money


Tribune Staff Reporter


BAHAMAS Electrical Workers Union (BEWU) President Paul Maynard said yesterday the corporation’s proposed plan to buy generators is a “waste of money”.

Mr Maynard argued that the generators will only be “thrown away” once the corporation is restructured in a few months.

The union leader told The Tribune that “it makes no sense” buying generators, especially diesel generators, when BEC is already “broke and struggling”.

“Why is he looking at diesel generators,” Mr Maynard asked, referring to BEC Executive Chairman Leslie Miller.

“If he is worried about Baha Mar (being added to the grid) then it is cheaper to rent the equipment until they get the whole sale of BEC sorted out and let the new company invest their money,” he said.

Last week, Mr Miller told The Tribune that the corporation is expected to purchase five or six new generators in the coming weeks for about $6m.

He said a team of BEC experts that travelled to Florida recently to view the generators returned with “great news”.

Mr Miller said the planned purchase of the new generators is in direct response to the continuous blackouts and power outages in New Providence and throughout the Family Islands the past few months – and preparation for Baha Mar being added to the grid.

“The union is not on board with this,” Mr Maynard said.

“We will be putting extra expenses on the corporation that we don’t need. We are getting ready to go private so why are you buying diesel when you will be changing equipment when the new company comes in? The new company won’t be using diesel so those generators will get scrapped. So tell us again, why are you wasting $6m on new generators? It is a bad investment and we do not have the money to do it.”

Mr Maynard said if Mr Miller is worried about the current generators failing, then renting is the better option.

“We can rent the generators,” he recommended. “It is cheaper, temporary and does not lock us in.

“There is going to be new owners of BEC very soon, let them spend the money and invest in this company.”

It is expected that the government will complete its planned restructuring process for BEC by November.

Earlier this month, Mr Maynard told The Tribune that while no company has been officially selected to provide generation and transmission and distribution services for the corporation, the field has been narrowed down to three bidders and a decision will be made before November 1.


JohnDoes 8 years, 4 months ago

All this water and wind out on the seas, one would want to know why haven't they thought of naturally generated power like wind or water powered turbines..


gangof4 8 years, 4 months ago

I would assume because we live in a hurricane zone! I believe (and please correct me if I'm wrong) that you find most wind/water turbines in northern or southern parts of the world and not in areas where you can get hurricanes.



GQ 8 years, 4 months ago

I believe what most Bahamians do not realize is that the suppliers of diesel are "The Sunshine Group" and hell will freeze over before either the FNM or PLP will agree to cut this set of crooks out of the equation. A friend recently discovered that Sun Oil / Shell are getting 35 cents per gallon to truck fuel from their depot to the Wilson City plant. Figure this out two ten thousand gallon tankers a day at that price is a whopping Seven thousand dollars, now you know where the fuel adjustment is coming from. It will probably be a combination of some or all of the aforementioned group who will still be the only ones ripping of The Bahamian people.


shortpants 8 years, 4 months ago

Yes Mr. Miller please lets us know why you need to make such purchase . when it is sold already .What now you have to steal from us the small man whom are the only ones that make this country stable by paying our bills. while you and your bunch of broke back mountain comrades live like kings and queens.You is the very one promise the people better service and cheaper rates, but your ole ass once you got their you only saw a pot of gold with your name on it.Time longer than rope


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