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MUSIC is the route Bahamian gospel artist Gesner “Mr J” Dalmond has chosen for many years to share his Christian walk, special messages and words of inspiration. Mr J’s songs have been the tool he has used to encourage other Christians in their personal journeys and to win souls for Christ.

He hopes that his personal testimony, which is featured in the new song “Angel Party”, of how he became saved demonstrates to listeners the grace and mercy of God when it comes to human imperfections.

People who find themselves struggling with life’s daily pressures are who this song is written for, Mr J told Tribune Religion.  

“The message of ‘Angel Party’ is relative to all who find themselves living life daily or occasionally in fornication, stealing, lying, adultery, prostitution, homosexual relationships, drunkenness, drug abuse, violence and a host of acts that are displeasing to the creator. The song communicates God’s out stretched arms inviting us in, despite all the wrong that we have committed against Him. Like the Prodigal Son, He wishes to clean us, clothe us in His righteousness and throw a lavish welcome back party for us,” he said.

“He is calling us to sit and reason with him and consider the future He has planned for us. A beautiful future which can only be experienced living in the realm of His grace. Hence the reason why his son Yeshua was crucified and offered up as the sacrifice for the sins of man. He became the door through which we enter to inherit God’s abundant life.”

“Angel Party” also addresses the heavenly celebration that is believed to take place when an unbeliever becomes born again, as described in scripture.

“The scriptures declare that there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents and returns to God than over 99 others who are righteous who need no repentance,” he said.

Mr J first made the decision to become born again on December 18, 1994. It was in a small church on the corner of Montrose Avenue and Hampton Street that he believed he heard the call of God on his life and decided to fully commit himself to God’s way and will. The journey since has not been an easy one, but he has seen his life drastically impacted by the decision he made almost two decades ago.

“The message of salvation from sin caused me to reflect on all the sinful things that I knew I was doing, despite proclaiming love for God,” he said. “I didn’t understand that in order for me to prove my love for God, I must first accept the sacrifice of his son on the cross, and afterwards stop all the wrong that was displeasing to him. On the night of repenting, it was the most difficult and challenging thing that I ever attempted. A great sense of uncertainty gripped me and held my body down so that I was not able to make one step to the altar. My mind was filled with thoughts of confusion about how I would begin to live a new life, whilst the feeling of conviction pricked at me, telling me that I needed to make things right with God that very night. In the midst of the battle that was going on in my mind I felt a force that guided me to the altar where I confessed my sins to God and received the greatest freedom that I ever experienced in my young life,” he said.

Mr J said he wants other people to have the same liberating experience. He said he will continue to minister through whatever medium he can so that people will be empowered to fulfil the will of God for their lives.

“Angel Party” can be downloaded for free from Mr J’s website, www.mrjbahamas.com.


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