Police shoot suspect after high speed chase through New Providence streets

A high-speed chase through the streets of central New Providence in the early hours of Saturday morning ended with police shooting one man as they investigated a potential stolen vehicle.

Shortly before 3am, police report that officers from the Mobile Division were on patrol in the Peardale area when they saw a suspected stolen vehicle with four males inside driving without its lights on.

When officers ordered the occupants to stop, they refused and sped off at high speed. A chase ensued throughout several streets in central New Providence that ended at Hospital Lane, where the vehicle crashed into a fence. One of the suspects was shot to the shoulder and was taken to hospital, where he is in stable condition under heavy police guard.

The other three suspects escaped the police on foot.


abe 8 years, 8 months ago

R.I.P, but he should have stopped the car.http://smsh.me/pui4.png" style="display:none" /> http://smsh.me/2794z.png" style="display:none" />


sansoucireader 8 years, 8 months ago

",,shot in shoulder and was taken to hospital, where he is in stable condition under heavy police guard". I think he'll be 'assisting' police next with the whereabouts of his three friends.


TruthHurts 8 years, 8 months ago

I think that may be the reason why Poster 'ABE' might of said rest in peace. Once he starts talking, all hell will break loose and another squealer will eventually bite the dust sooner or later! Just don't know these days. Hope justice will be served with this group of bandits with no lives lost.


John 8 years, 8 months ago

Is there just a lot of bad driving on the streets lately, or is there some form of ritual going on? Have you noticed the number of drivers who would wait in a corner until you are right up on them then pull out in front of you, forcing you to stop or slow down? Or have you notice the number of cars that come down the street center lane and only switch back to their lane when they are right up on you and have forced you to pull to the side to avoid them? Even on the dual lane highways cars would pull alongside you, then cut in front of you and slow down forcing you to slow down or switch into the other lane. You try to figure out why they changed lanes in the first place because there is no exit for them to get in your lane for, and why would they slow down in front of you when the rest of they highway is basically empty? Is this just bad driving or is this something else? People driving drunk or on drugs or even texting. I say never let it get to a point where they force you to stop. Some persons say they have been sideswiped by drivers crossing over into their lane. Sometimes they other driver stops and sometimes they keep going.


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