Stingers To Represent New Providence In Bbf Nationals


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WITH the PJ’s Stingers being crowned the new champions out of New Providence, the Bahamas Basketball Federation’s Rudy Levarity Round Robin National Basketball Championships is all set for this weekend in Bimini.

The Stingers, still celebrating their triumph over the Patron Regulators for the NPBA title, will be showcased against the men’s division one champions from Bimini, Abaco, Grand Bahama and Eleuthera. There will also be a division II series between Bimini, Grand Bahama and Andros.

However, this year there won’t be any ladies’ series, which means that the New Providence Women’s Basketball Association champions Johnson’s Lady Truckers won’t be travelling.

Mynez Cargill-Sherman, president of the NPWBA, said unfortunately the league wasn’t able to raise the sufficient funds to send the Truckers to Bimini.

“One of the things we are doing now is confirming the participation of all of the teams,” said Eugene Bain, public relations officer for the federation. “We have word of mouth that they are coming, but once we have confirmation that they are participating and the time they’re arriving, we will complete the schedule.”

As it stands right now, Grand Bahama and Bimini will clash in the B divisional opener, followed by the same two teams in the A division on opening night Thursday. The Stingers, still celebrating their 4-1 series victory over the Patron Regulators, are not scheduled to play until Friday.

Also during the tournament, the BBF will hold its annual general meeting and election of officers 10am Saturday. Delegates will hear the president’s report by Charlie ‘Softly’ Robins and the treasurer’s report by Simone Beneby. That will be followed by the elections. The positions, currently held by the following persons, will be contested:

President - Charlie ‘Softly’


1st Vice President -

Mario Bowleg

2nd Vice President -

Anastacia Sands-Moultrie

3rd Vice President -

Brian Cleare

Secretary - Clifford ‘Spike’


Assistant Secretary -

Sharon ‘The General’ Storr

Treasurer - Simone Beneby

Officers - Stephen ‘S’ Brown, Freddie Brown and Daryll Sears

Public Relations Officer -

Eugene Bain

Bowleg said 90 per cent of the incumbent executive officers intend to seek another four-year term in office. “The same slate under Charlie ‘Softly’ Robins is expected to regain their position as the governing body for basketball in the country,” Bowleg said. “We’ve heard reports of persons running against us, but we have no report officially of anyone contesting those positions.

“All persons have the right to be nominated on the floor after the AGM. But we want to make it clear that no one who doesn’t have the right to be a part of the AGM will be allowed inside. It’s going to be a closed door session. So those persons who are not financial, they will need to make sure that they are or they won’t be allowed to participate in the AGM and the elections.”

Nominations for the above positions are to be submitted to ciffprahming56@gmail.comor kindly call Clifford Rahming- Secretary General- Bahamas Basketball Federation at 397-9231 (2)


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