Fitzgerald Must Apologise

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Jerome Fitzgerald will not question the Attorney General’s decision to withhold the damning report from the residents of Marathon, and by extension, the Bahamian people at large.

Well, good for him, but he needs to apologise to the residents of Marathon while informing them that he has tendered his resignation as their member of parliament. He should also inform the Bahamian public that he has advised every cabinet minister, who had knowledge of and discussed the report in cabinet, to resign.

The Progressive Liberal Party came to power under the leadership of Perry Christie with the claim of believing in Bahamians. The conduct of the government to date has exposed a complete opposite.

It is inconceivable that a responsible and caring government would keep quiet about a report which details a potential death threat to every member or worker in the immediate environs of the named gas station. The present PLP administration should be held complicit in the death by cancer of every person in the area since February 2014, when the government was given the report by the BEST Commission.

Jerome Fitzgerald’s first duty is to the people of Marathon who believed in him and voted him as their representative in Parliament. He cannot now tell them that it is up to the attorney general – whom no one voted for – to look after their best interest.

This is not about politicians or political parties but about the health and well being of the Bahamian people. Jerome Fitzgerald and the Progressive Liberal Party will find that out in 2017, if not sooner.



April 23. 2015.


Sickened 7 years ago

I agree with you. Mr. Fitzgerald, whom I do like, has done great dis-service to his constituency and has risked the lives of dozens, if not hundreds, of Bahamians by not standing up in parliament and reading this report out loud (assuming he has even seen it). Mr. Fitzgerald, you must resign over this!


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