Unemployment figures

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I hope the Minister of Labour is not breaking out too much champagne, based on the recent unemployment figures, as the position is already reversed, with children leaving school – and do you classify the Baha Mar employees as unemployed?

$12 million to cause this short-lived improvement! We simply cannot afford that now, or even when money is gushing in The Treasury.

Freeport, Grand Bahama, a year ago everything was under pressure...SunWing is now in full operation. So what do you expect, an increase in unemployment?

Question: Another Minister is talking about how this government revived past dead hotel projects. Where? The one on PI was in operation and was then sold. This Government had nothing to do with that, and we all watch and wonder - is the old Anchorage-Nassau Palm going to ever open?

Barbados is busting open - the southern Caribbean islands are receiving 8-12% stay-over increases. You now see that we to have a special Cruise promotion, because even Cruise visitors have been dropping.

Could it just be that our product needs a considerable polishing? Or could it be that the image of Nassau is crime-ridden so dangerously?

I certainly say that we hear too much talk and little action and no money. In fact an ever reducing level of earnings, and how the shops have to pay the new Minimum Wage.



August 17, 2015.


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