Bullseye Hits The Mark With 200 Extra Visitors To Freeport

The private jet with skybox/suite owners of the Indianapolis Colts arriving in Grand Bahama.

The private jet with skybox/suite owners of the Indianapolis Colts arriving in Grand Bahama.


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GRAND Bahama received a boost in visitor arrivals when some 200 skybox/suite owners of the Indianapolis Colts were brought to Freeport for a weekend of fun hosted by the Bullseye Event Group.

Bullseye booked a private charter jet, Allegiant, which flew the group directly from Indianapolis to Freeport last Friday. Kyle Kinnett, principal owner of Bullseye Event Group, said this is the second time that they have brought a group to The Bahamas.

“We take trips every year and I am personally a big fan of The Bahamas, and so anytime we get a chance to bring a group here, we do so. We came last year and we came again this year and it is a good spot for us,” he said.

Mr Kinnett said that the suite holders of the Indianapolis Colts were hosted to a welcome reception at the Grand Lucayan Resort. On Sunday, they attended a big viewing party in the hotel’s convention centre and watched the Colts play the Pittsburg Steelers.

Shylock Edwards, of S&D Tours, said that he was pleased that the Bullseye Group decided come back to Grand Bahama this year.

“We are a family owned local tour operator and we met the Colts last year and the Bullseye Group, and we told them that they got to come back to Freeport. We are delighted they came back this year with just over 230 persons to stay in the hotel for a few days and spend money in Freeport,” he said.

Bullseye is a pioneer in the ticket and travel industry. In addition to selling tickets to major sporting events, the group began selling packages inclusive of the best hotels, the best hospitality and the best entertainment. It offers the ultimate turn-key sports package options.


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