Accused Was ‘Watching Scandal’ On Night Of Murder


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A JURY was told yesterday that the woman who allegedly rolled over businessman Kurt McCartney in Gambier Village after he was shot was actually at home watching the television shows “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” the night of the murder.

Shekeena Pinder-Demeritte was one of two witnesses Lyndera Curry called to give evidence after she opted to remain silent concerning the Crown’s allegations that she murdered and accosted the pharmacist on October 24, 2013.

Ms Pinder-Demeritte told a jury that she, along with the accused, Curry’s mother, grandmother and children were at Plantol Street watching the television shows which aired at 8pm and 9pm.

“Lyndera was on the sofa with the baby and my two kids,” the witness said.

She also told Curry’s lawyer, Sonia Timothy, that she did not see anyone come inside to see the accused.

Prosecutor Roger Thompson suggested to the witness that she would do whatever she could to assist the accused. However, Ms Pinder-Demeritte said she came to court to speak the truth.

When questioned by attorney Terrel Butler, Ms Pinder-Demeritte denied that Curry went outside while the shows were on television.

It is alleged that Thorne Edwards shot McCartney in the face after he became involved in an argument between Curry and McCartney. McCartney was crushed when Okell Farrington, Curry, and Sumya Ingraham allegedly rolled over his body as they fled the scene in the victim’s Hummer.

Ingraham, Edwards and Farrington are respectively represented by Romona Farquharson-Seymour, Terrel Butler and Philip Hilton.

Terry Delancy, who was charged with being an accessory after the fact, was acquitted of the charge on Wednesday evening due to legal reasons.

He was represented by Ian Cargill.

After the prosecution closed its case, only Farrington chose to take the witness stand.

His lawyer, Mr Hilton, asked him if he had a job.

Farrington said he was self-employed.

“You recall October 24, 2013?” the lawyer asked. The accused said he did.

“You know Gambier?” the lawyer asked. Farrington said yes.

“Were you there that night?” Hilton asked.

“No, sir,” the accused said, noting that he was home alone on Carmichael Road.

“Do you own a Honda?” Hilton asked.

“A Honda Coupe,” the accused said.

The lawyer asked if he knew Edwards and the witness said he did, but he was not in his company on the night in question.

“Do you know who Kurt McCartney is?” the lawyer asked. Farrington said he did not and denied going into any sports utility vehicle on the night in question.

Mr Thompson asked the witness if he had ever seen Edwards through Plantol Street.

“Yes, sir,” the accused said.

“Isn’t it true you told police you lived in Plantol Street?” the prosecutor asked.

Farrington said he did not and denied the subsequent suggestion that he was lying.

“It’s the same way you’re lying when you say you weren’t in Gambier,” the prosecutor said.

“No, sir,” Farrington said.

The prosecutor suggested to the witness that he saw his fellow accused that day at Plantol Street. The accused denied this.

Farrington also denied driving behind the three other accused people in his car to Gambier. He also denied observing Edwards shoot McCartney and then get into the Hummer with the women that rolled over the pharmacist.

Mr Thompson suggested that he and the women stopped in front of a building with cameras while they searched the vehicle.

The judge, however, cautioned the prosecutor concerning the question, as there has been no evidence presented of surveillance footage.

During yesterday’s hearing, Edwards instructed his attorney that he wished to give sworn testimony instead of remaining silent.

Edwards said he resides on Irishman’s Court, which is off Plantol Street.

“Where were you on October 24, 2013?” Ms Butler asked.

“I’d just left from the mother of my child (Curry) when I went to Scrooge Bar,” the accused said.

He claimed that she had company and so after the bar he went home.

“What time were you at Lyndera’s house?” the lawyer asked. Edwards said he was there at 8.45pm.

“Were you ever in Gambier when this incident occurred?” the lawyer asked. Edwards said he was not.

He denied getting into a vehicle with two women and witness “AB” to go to Gambier Village.

He also denied shooting McCartney or running into bushes.

“Did you ever suggest a robbery in the presence of ‘AB’ or anyone?” the lawyer asked. The accused said no.

“Did you have a gun in your possession?” the lawyer asked. Edwards said he did not, nor does he own a gun.

“Are you involved in any way in the murder of Kurt McCartney?” Ms Butler asked. Edwards said no.

Prosecutor Thompson asked Edwards what type of hairstyle Curry was wearing at the time he went to see her.

“I can’t recall the hairstyle,” the accused said.

Thompson suggested he was lying. Edwards said his girlfriend “switched her hairstyle often.”

“Do you accept you told police you reside at Plantol Street?” the prosecutor asked.

The accused said he didn’t notwithstanding that his signature was on the record of interview.

“I’m going to suggest you’re lying about something as simple as where you live because you’re lying about something as great as murdering Kurt McCartney,” the prosecutor said.

Edwards disagreed.

“You had a cell phone that day?” the prosecutor asked.

“Not that I could remember,” the accused said.

Edwards also said witness “AB’s” evidence that he shoved and shot McCartney were untrue.

Ms Timothy asked Edwards if he was welcomed at Curry’s residence. Edwards said he was not, but it did not stop him from sneaking to see Curry who lived in the back house of her family’s property on Plantol Street.

Curry’s lawyer suggested he was not there on the evening in question. Edwards insisted that he was.

The case resumes today where Crown and lawyers for the accused will give closing addresses to the jury.

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