PLP chairman plays down flogging row

Bradley Roberts

Bradley Roberts


Tribune Staff Reporter


PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party Chairman Bradley Roberts yesterday downplayed the controversy over party member Wayne Munroe’s call to flog illegal immigrants.

Mr Roberts said to his knowledge, such punishment is not being considered by the Christie administration.

“Flogging (immigrants) is against the law,” he said. “International norms and so forth, flogging and whipping are against them. Some people have old-fashioned views. Some still want to whip their children, for instance, but to my knowledge this is not being considered by the government.”

Mr Roberts declined to say if Mr Munroe – who joined the PLP in September and could vie for a House of Assembly seat on the party’s ticket in the next election – should withdraw his comments.

“I think Wayne Munroe is bright enough to comment on this himself,” Mr Roberts told The Tribune.

When contacted on the controversy yesterday, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Fred Mitchell declined to comment.

This comes several days after the Haitian ambassador to the Bahamas, Jean Victor Geneus, called for Mr Munroe’s comments to be condemned.

Last week, Mr Geneus sent a letter to Bahamas Bar Association President Elsworth Johnson, saying Mr Munroe’s statements would incite hate and cause violence to Haitians.

There have been other calls for the Christie administration to condemn Mr Munroe’s comments, but so far only Mr Roberts has been willing to speak publicly on the matter.

Last week Sunday, the prominent attorney told The Tribune that officials in this country should begin “caning” minors and “flogging” those over 18 who are caught entering the country illegally.

He was contacted after he wrote on Facebook that the “price is too low” for immigration offences in the Bahamas, suggesting that if illegal immigrants believed “we tortured and killed them, they might not come.”

In response last week, Mr Geneus said: “This despicable statement is a clear incitement to hatred and likely to cause violence against our nationals. It must be condemned. Mr Munroe’s words do not do honour to the institution to which he belongs and whose mission is to defend the fundamental values such as human rights and dignity.”

“I am convinced that the (Bahamas) Bar does not share the extremist view of Mr Munroe, capable of poisoning the hearts and minds. This position cannot contribute to the findings of solutions to complex problems of illegal immigration. A lawyer is, above all, a major role player of justice and law. Thus, the xenophobic attitudes are to be considered a violation of human rights and condemned accordingly.”

Mr Geneus’ letter is dated December 7 and was obtained by The Tribune.

Last week, Mr Johnson himself spoke out against Mr Munroe’s comments, insisting that they were “diametrically opposed to the preservation of human dignity.”

Additionally, Mr Johnson said Mr Munroe’s statements showed a lack of regard for “the views or ideas expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

Last year, the Haitian ambassador to the Organisation of American States, Bocchit Edmond, raised concerns about xenophobia and mistreatment of Haitians in the Bahamas.

At the time, Mr Edmond urged the Bahamian government to consider launching a public campaign designed to underscore the notion that “verbal abuse” of Haitians is “unfair and unjust.”


justthefactsplease 7 years, 9 months ago

This is what I hate with the political establishment...no one has to balls to come out and condemn such crap outright. Then again, maybe that is their position and Munroe is only the mouthpiece.


My2cents 7 years, 9 months ago

No one has the balls to make the necessary changes to the law that would stop the influx such as turning the illegal boats around upon capture, making it a felony to hire illegals and change the current citizenship entitlement by birth. There is no need for the government to comment or condemn Munroe'e comments...he is not a government official.


TalRussell 7 years, 9 months ago

Comrade Brad's is not staying true to the "Big Bad" Brad character he is expected perform as, or is he?
This has be taken as amounting to being the none-critical official endorsement of their newest PLP just recruited away from Bran's DNA.
It is most significant, because other than the DNA's silence, Wayne's statement calling for the authorities to carry-out public floggings of illegal immigrants over the age 18, and to cane their children, has and will continue for a generation to come, to be pounded by just about every segment locally and internationally, stretched wide and far from island to island, country to country.. (But then again, how in hell could the DNA rebuke Wayne, unless they fired their leader Bran?).
Comrade Wayne, you have brought ridicule to a nation before the world. You should have too much intelligence upstairs in your head, not to save your own damn self. APOLOGIZE!
Big Bad Brad, before you cement your party's official position in cement, please tell Tribune readers, exactly how little does the children have be, not be canned by officials working for your PLP government?


TruePeople 7 years, 9 months ago

QUOTE: This despicable statement is a clear incitement to hatred and likely to cause violence against our nationals.

Or, it's clear proof of locals deep seated hatred for Haitians. I don't think Haitians come here Hating Bahamians, but the way we treat them as people, all immigration / deportation aside, definitely will not make them like us... If Haitians hate Bahamians it is because we have bred our own hate into them


TalRussell 7 years, 9 months ago

Comrade TruePeople, I once had a neighbour family who were thought not be be legal immigrants- direct from hell - but it never once crossed my mind to take off me belt to hop over me fence to flog him and his children.


My2cents 7 years, 9 months ago

How is one man's comment proof of deep seeded hate for Haitians? Why does the government have to denounce comments from a private citizen? And how are Bahamians responsible for hatred of Haitians? You cannot be serious. Nobody has to plaster on a smile and pretend to okay with the influx of Haitians and the strain they place on the country's limited resources if if they are not. This is the type of nonsense talk that really has the Haitian community believing they are somehow victims...and not accepting an iota of responsibility for their own circumstances. You Hypocrites that pretend to be humanitarians are so transparent.


sheeprunner12 7 years, 9 months ago

Why is anyone giving Wayne Munroe all of this media attention?????????? He holds NO political position to affect/implement this fancy comment .......... it is just for provocative social media/talkshow debate (like what we are doing on tribune242) ........... good for barroom small talk


birdiestrachan 7 years, 9 months ago

Mr: Munroe is a private citizen. My God who has never said something they should not say. Did Minnis have anything to say. when a relative of his burned down the building at BAMSI. The FNMS are milking this one. The Haitian ambassador is speaking on behalf of his people. but one will never hear him telling his people not to break the laws of the Bahamas. and come to this country illegally. Because the Bahamian tax payers have to pay to send them back. this is all about the politics


bismark 7 years, 9 months ago

Haitians have been a Burden on this country for years,Mr Munroe maybe wrong on the fogging issue,but he like many other Bahamians are fed up with illegals from Haiti,yes they are Human and they are looking for a better way of life,but this is the Bahamas,we have laws here that are to be adhered to,these people keep coming back and back,we the taxpayers fund their way back to their homeland,it is too costly to be doing that for all these years,that money could have been spent elsewhere,they keep coming here because there is no punishment for entering the country illegal,something has to be done,but flogging isn't one.


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