Cultivating A Reason Beyond The Season

By Michelle M Miller

Michelle Miller Motivational

Truthfully speaking, Christmas time for many is not necessarily about the proverbial ‘reason for the season’, in fact, more folks than would like to admit find themselves entangled in the trappings of Christmas shopping. Seeking out sales, bargains and indulging in lots of unnecessary spending are becoming the more common hallmarks of the season.

Against this very addictive backdrop, how do you scope out a reason beyond the season? How do you find motivation to keep moving towards an empowered life when all around you bells are ringing for you to join the chaos?

Well, one thing’s for sure, if you don’t find your own reason, somebody will find one for you.

Your capacity to rise above the commercialisation of the holidays depends on the reason that moves you most. It’s the old adage of ‘finding your why’, because when you find your ‘why’ you build the wings to fly.

Everybody has a purpose deep within. Each of us embodies unique gifts and talents. It’s what we call our potential. But if you don’t tap into it to discover your uniqueness you leave yourself open to living as a hostage to whatever comes your way.

Having a reason beyond the season is akin to living with intention. To do so, you must march to your own drumbeat. Too often, we live out of rhythm because our inner radio dial is tuned into the wrong station – it’s tuned into somebody else’s frequency.

Life is about being in alignment with your own truth. It’s bigger than fancy cars, massive houses and diamond rings. If you think that endless accumulation is all that life is about you are dead wrong. Life is colossal and it should be lived in a big way. Let’s be clear, big doesn’t refer to big stuff, but about being large and in charge of who you are and how you show up in the world.

However, if you choose to play small or settle to struggle in the ‘rat race’, that’s entirely up to you. Just be aware that even if you won the rat race, you’re still a rat, destined for the crumbs and leftovers of life.

You can choose differently. During this special time of year, why not cultivate a reason beyond this season? Why not make the commitment to rise above the propensity of unnecessary spending and spend quality time unearthing a meaningful reason.

The magic of the holidays really isn’t about the things that we can buy; it’s about the time we spend really listening and motivating each other to live our best life.

My mother made Christmas magical. She didn’t always have the resources to buy Christmas presents. She taught us that having the things didn’t matter as much as having time together. Laughing and playing simple games meant more to me than any new gizmo or gadget. What I know for sure is quality time outweighs material things bar none.

Parents in particular must understand that children will forget the new toys, but they will treasure and remember the time spent together. Whether you have the resources to spend or not, you can use this season as a teachable moment. Teach your children what really matters. Because the bottom line is, happy memories will always outlast toys and things any day. More than this, you don’t need to wait for the Christmas to create such lasting memories.

Leader to leader, find the audacity to rise above the trappings of a commercialised Christmas season. Instead, cultivate a meaningful reason to give, love and connect that goes beyond the season. In so doing, every day can be like Christmas. Remember, having a bigger reason is a key ingredient for living an empowered life.

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