App founders target full mobile commerce

The founders of a recently-launched mobile application which provides one-click access to commercial, Government and non-profit organisation communication channels, aim to eventually offer full mobile commerce.

Donovan Moxey and Philip Simon, founders of Mobile Assist, said the application provides turn-by-turn directions to the location of businesses and organisations.

It also distributes notifications and coupons directly to their customers and members, and provides access to all their communication touch points.

Mr Moxey said; “We’re very excited about Mobile Assist. It’s an app that allows the user to establish a communications channel  and connections with businesses that are here within the Bahamas.

“The application is free to all end users, and what it does is it allows the individual to select those businesses and organisations that they want to establish communication with, and find out more about what they are doing in terms of the notifications that they provide or be able to locate them via the turn by turn direction feature with the application.

“The app allows businesses to send out notifications, coupons or any messaging they may deem important for their customers. The partners at Harbour Bay [Shopping Centre], along with all their retailers, have come on board to help us introduce this app to the market place.”

Mobile Assist has partnered with Omni Mango and its 11 locations to serve as the touch point for top-up of the programme.

Mango’s chief executive, Barry Malcolm, said: “We at Mango are very keen to be a part of bringing to the marketplace new technology and services that allow customers and retail partners to bring services that are more convenient, and more accessible, to those who want to spend in this market place.”

Further elaborating on the Mobile Assist app function, Mr Moxey said: “Every single business owner or organisation receives an app page. Within this app page the end user, who receives the app for free, can essentially call that organisation by tapping the call button.

“They can e-mail that organisation by tapping the e-mail button. If they’re not quite sure where the organisation is located they can tap the maps and directions button.

“The app integrates with Google maps. If that business sends out a notification or coupon those are sent via the app. The user can go to a listing and see all coupons available to them.”

Mr Moxey added: “Eventually we want to offer full mobile commerce. The synergistic relationship we can have with Mango as we move forward will drive the platform they have for integrated mobile payments.”

Mobile Assist has also launched a Scratch and Win promotion running until December 19, according to Mr Simon, with more than 15 retailers participating.


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