Children Are Our Future

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Thank you for your support, as it relates to building a better and stronger Bahamas, knowing that your newspaper’s letters column does play a vital role in the development of The Bahamas and the way forward. Again thank you for your space.

With much grief and sorrow of heart many Bahamians felt the same way our present Prime Minister felt after learning about the student who was stab to death while being on the school premises of the school he attend. (He was not stabbed on the school’s premises — the argument and stabbing took place in the street outside after the students had left school. - Ed).

Shock was the word used to describe the Prime Minister’s expression as well as many other well thinking Bahamians. The Prime Minister had the right to be shocked, knowing that this was not the way he was raised, neither is it his desire to see the country that we all love heading in this direction.

Condolences goes out to the family of the victim, and we also pray for the accused to be converted and receive salvation in Christ Jesus. For it is the hope of the Greek Orthodox Better Men Ministry that all our children be saved and receive Christ in their life.

Is it not fair for the young people of The Bahamas to be living in such a state, is it okay for parents to withhold their kids from the knowledge of good, shall we not the elders teach our children, the importance of having manners, the strength of respect, the joy of loving one another, is it not our responsibility?

We must agree that it is of vital importance to teach the next generation the truth, the basic wealth of life which is the word of God. As teachers, pastors, politicians, engineers, construction workers, lawyers, accountants no matter what profession we may be blessed in we all must teach our children to be good kids, at school at Church and even at home no matter where they may find themselves.

We must become village-oriented, for it takes a village to raise a child with love, peace, hope and joy, by teaching them to respect one another, love one another, honour your parents, obey your teachers, love your neighbours and most importantly love the Lord thy God with all your whole heart.

We cannot afford as a nation built upon Christian principals to distance ourselves from the Commandments of God. By this way we know that our children will know, that it is wrong to steal other people’s things, not to meditate about murdering anyone it is unacceptable, not to covet other people’s property, that’s totally intolerable, we as parents must teach our children the truth. Even as simple as good morning, hello, thank you, please, I am sorry, forgive me, these are simple principles that should be taught from kindergarten level.

The question is do we truly love the young people of The Bahamas, or have we reached the stage if it is not my child I don’t care and all others are for exploitation?

Do we care for our neighbour’s son, do we wish to see good for the next door neighbour’s daughter? Or shall we conclude that we have become engulfed in our own selfishness? So sad.

Bahamas, we are not only a group of people but we are a nation, made up of black and white, Greek, Jew and barbarian, rich and poor, a nation today that consists of people from all ethnic backgrounds, but yet we are still The Bahamas.

So let us continue to strive to build a stronger and better Bahamas for the good of our future generation.

Thanks for all the Churches that are helping to raise positive kids, such as the Greek Orthodox Church, Bahamas Faith Ministry, Bethel Baptist Church.

Civic groups such as Movement for Change, the Boys Brigade, Lend a Hand, the Girl Guides, Youth Against Violence and many others who are out there doing their part helping in the positive development of our youth, your efforts are appreciated. This is a call to modern Nation Building. Be blessed Bahamas.



December, 2015.


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