Bahamas Shivers Through Coldest Night For Five Years


Tribune Staff Reporter


RESIDENTS are being asked to brace themselves for more cold weather as The Bahamas islands are expected to experience a second night of 50 degree Fahrenheit temperatures.

Chief Meteorological Officer at the Department of Meteorology, Arnold King, told The Tribune that while the drop in temperature on Thursday night was not a record, the country has not experienced that level of chill since 2009.

"Last night it was 56.8 degrees and it was expected to be even colder but we had clouds over the country that acted like a blanket and kept it from getting too cold," he said.

"The record for cold weather was 45.8 in 1971 in February. Through the weekend it is expected to warm up but tonight will be similar to last night - about 55 is what is expected. What happened was we had a cold front come through yesterday afternoon and then a second reinforcing cold front. It was initially expected to be around 48 degrees but it did not get that cold."

Mr King said swimmers are advised to excerise caution due to the risk of high currents and a small craft caution remains in effect this afternoon through to tonight.


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