Fog Delays 16 Lpia Flights


Tribune Business Reporter


Air traffic was grounded at the country’s main gateway yesterday morning due to the thick fog which blanketed New Providence, with Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) officials confirming that 16 flights were held up for up to two hours as a result.

Flight services at the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) were suspended around 6.30am yesterday morning. The airport resumed normal operations around 8.30am, according to NAD chief executive, Vernice Walkine.   

“Operations returned to normal as of 8:30am. There was no significant impact to operations. Some 16 flights experienced holds of up to two hours, beginning with the earliest 6am scheduled departure. The air traffic control  hold was lifted at 8:15am,” Ms Walkine said in an e-mailed response to Tribune Business yesterday.

Bahamasair’s director of customer service, John Fowler, told Tribune Business: “We had half a dozen flights affected by the airport shutdown. Due to the adjustments we made, we are now bringing our operations on time.

“The last flight that would have been impacted was the Miami flight. That was supposed to leave at 2.30pm but left at 3pm. We were able to make one or two adjustments to get things back on schedule. We were fine in the afternoon, but all of the morning flights were two hours delayed or three hours delayed.”


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