St Peter's Parish In North Long Island Spreads Christmas Joy

FATHER Chester Burton, Rector of Anglican Churches in Long Island, and the praying ladies who accompany him every fortnight in St Peter’s Parish began their Christmas celebrations early last week and with a bang.

The parish was given some added fuel in their social outreach gas tanks by the assistance of Father Addison Turnquest, a native Long Islander who continues to send bread basket items to the elderly of St Peter’s Parish.

Father Burton acknowledged that it would not have been possible to assist the community members without the generous assistance of Father Turnquest during these difficult and challenging economic times. He said he is emphatically thankful for this kind gesture.

The journey started in the settlement of Seymours and ended in Millers. More than 40 shopping bags loaded with groceries were distributed and the praying ladies travelled to each church in the parish to hand them out.

Anglican Church Women Conductor Floret Adderley and Delores Miller made the journey palatable as they sang various Christmas carols to the enjoyment of the many patriarchs and matriarchs of the North Long Island Community.


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