We Must Not Be Divided By Political Colours

EDITOR, The Tribune.

We often speak negatively about our children being involved in gangs. We equate their involvement to all manner of evil. We even get specific and conclude that gangs and crimes are synonymous.

We take it further and say that the colours they wear are a code to differentiate one gang from another. I am told that when the wrong colour shows up on the wrong side of the track then there could be some negative repercussions.

But we adults are nothing but “pure hypocrites!” Colours polarise us. We are either green with envy, red in our attitude and yellow backs in our seeing wrong and saying nothing.

That is just the problem, we have allowed colours, and no matter what grouping and for whatever reason we use these colours to divide us as a people. So much so that we, who are supposed to be sensible would not be caught dead with one colour or the other in our closets.

We have seen colours determine people’s finances, station in life, position and disposition.

It is time we stop the madness, no colour is owned by any group and the asininity of not wanting to wear one colour or the other must stop, otherwise we are worse than our children who are ridiculed for being part of any group, be they gangs or otherwise.

There are many beautiful colours in the kaleidoscope, that are there for the choosing. It is time for supposedly civilised people to remove the blinders and see the world in colours. See the beauty in everyone having an opinion and to be free to express them, without hate or rancour.

Our country has regressed with this red, gold, and green, foolishness. Aren’t we sick and tired of the various political leaders dividing us with foolishness when they themselves are very close friends?

Don’t let 2015 meet us as fools, being controlled by politicians who are playing us for fools. You know that they are using us and they know it. If you get nothing from your dying support do not complain. I strongly suggest that you not raise your expectations, no matter who is in power and you therefore cannot get disappointed.

There are twenty per cent of us who could care less, we believe in God, family, then country


The Nationalist,


December 31, 2014.


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