Opening Day For Freedom Farm, Jbln On Saturday


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THE most popular youth sport in the Bahamas will see two of its flagship leagues make their official 2015 debut this weekend.

Opening day for the Freedom Farm Baseball League and the Junior Baseball League of Nassau is scheduled for this Saturday (January 17) at the Freedom Farm Complex and JBLN Field of Dreams respectively.

Each of the leagues field several hundred boys and girls ranging from age four to 18 in approximately seven divisions.

Freedom Farm will begin its opening day celebrations with a gathering of parents, sponsors, coaches, family and friends to worship at Holy Cross Anglican Church at 7am.

“The players are challenged and inspired to be sportsmen and sportswomen, disciplined and always doing the very best. Parents are generally encouraged to support their offspring by attending practices, games and purchasing the equipment for the game. They are also requested to assist the Freedom Farm League, wherever possible, to include coaching, umpiring, scoring and taking care of the fields,” according to a press release.

Following the service, the seven divisions will line up for a parade to the Freedom Farm fields in Yamacraw.

After an official opening ceremony, play in all divisions will begin at 12:30pm.

JBLN will stage its opening ceremony, begininng at 10am with a procession of all participating teams, 30 baseball and seven softball.

Dignitaries and officials scheduled to attend include Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Dr Daniel Johnson, BBF president Craig Kemp, and secretary general Theodore Sweeting, BOC president Wellington Miller and others.

According to JBLN executives, the league is proud to announce that 490 players are registered for its season. League play is slated to begin at 12:30pm.

Freedom Farm Schedule: Week 1

Saturday, January 17


Cantaloupes v Guineps (on T-ball Field)

Termites v Mosquitoes (on Coach Pitch Field)

Groupers v Octopus (on 9/10-11/12 Field)

Stingrays v Raccoons (on 13-15 Field)


Tamarinds v Sea Grapes (on T-ball Field)

Tiger Lilies v Poison Ivy (on Coach Pitch Field)

Green Parrots v White Crowns (on 9/10-11/12 Field)


Sharks v Silver Jacks (on 13-15 Field)


Lignum Vitaes v Hibiscus (on Coach Pitch Field)

Sunday, January 18


Potcakes v Raccoons (on 13-15 Field)


Mangoes v Jujus (on T-ball Field)

Boas v Wasp (on Coach Pitch Field)

Dolphins v Lionfish (on 9/10-11/12 Field)


Bees v Red Ants (on Coach Pitch Field)

Wahoos v Barracudas (on 9/10-11/12 Field)


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