Marine Shot Dead At Club

Chief Superintendent Paul Rolle at yesterday’s press conference. Photo: Tim Clarke/Tribune Staff

Chief Superintendent Paul Rolle at yesterday’s press conference. Photo: Tim Clarke/Tribune Staff


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A DEADLY nightclub shooting claimed the life of a 21-year-old father and marine early yesterday morning.

He was one of two men killed in separate shooting incidents over the weekend.

Royal Bahamas Defence Force officer Angelo Dorsett became the country’s ninth murder victim for the year when a gunman opened fire on patrons at the G-Spot nightclub at Faith Avenue north on Sunday morning.

A gunman shot out the front door of the nightclub and entered in search of another man but then began firing indiscriminately into the crowded bar as patrons scrambled to escape.

At a press conference yesterday, police showed CCTV footage of the front entrance and foyer of the club that captured the gunman entering the establishment unmasked and brandishing a handgun.

“Prior to this incident there was an argument in the club which soon escalated between a male and at least two other males,” Chief Supt Paul Rolle said.

“These two males left the club and returned a short time later, and upon their return one of these men was armed with a handgun, and he began discharging shots from the outside of the establishment, shooting out the front entrance door. He then made good his entrance into the establishment, where the door was locked to be buzzed in, and began looking for this individual.”

He added: “Patrons on seeing him began to run and he began discharging shots indiscriminately into the crowd.”

Mr Dorsett died at the scene after he was shot in his back, according to Chief Supt Rolle, who said police responded to the incident sometime around 1:30am.

Another man was shot in his arm and stomach, and was said to be at hospital in serious condition.

A third victim was listed as stable after being struck in the face.

Chief Supt Rolle confirmed that the gunman’s intended target escaped the scene unharmed.

Police have arrested a man from Kemp’s Crescent off Baillou Road in connection with the murder, and issued wanted bulletins yesterday for two Nassau Village men they also want to question.

According to police, the Kemp’s Crescent man was found in possession of more than one pound of marijuana and was arrested around noon yesterday with several other men for questioning in connection with the drugs. Police said the suspect was on bail charged with armed robbery and murder.


Emmanuel Rolle

Police are searching for 25-year-old Emmanuel Rolle of Catherine Street. Rolle is of medium build and has a dark brown complexion with an estimated height range of 5’5” to 5’7”.


Lashawn Bowe

They also want to question a second man, 29-year-old Lashawn Bowe of Matthew Street, who is of medium build, dark brown complexion and is 6’1”. Police believe these men can help their investigations.

Police are also investigating the weekend murder of a 44-year-old Haitian barber, who was found dead in his home at Eneas Street off Poinciana Drive on Saturday.

Chief Supt Rolle said the man was found by concerned neighbours, who entered his home sometime around 7pm on Saturday when he had not opened the barber shop that he operated from his home. They found that he had been shot in his neck.

“At about 2am on Saturday morning,” Mr Rolle said, “residents reported hearing a barrage of gunshots in the area, just north of the deceased’s residence and one of those bullets went through the northern bedroom window, where it struck the victim, fatally wounding him.”

Anyone with information that might assist these investigations is asked to contact police at 911 or 919, the Central Detective Unit at 502-9991 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 328-TIPS.


duppyVAT 5 years, 5 months ago

These night clubs need to have metal detectors and proper trained security (bouncers) to screen patrons. Either that, the patrons who really go out to enjoy themselves and have clean fun are at risk of being killed. if this was a sleazy "anything goes" club .......well the police should have been aware of the type of patrons that frequent it and acted accordingly .. frequent spot checks and stings for drugs/guns/stripping/prostitution etc.

Its sad to hear about the young marine though .........hope he was not on the bad side ........RIP


Honestman 5 years, 5 months ago

Seems that too many drunken or drugged up young men with anger issues and easy access to guns frequent the Nassau club scene. Young people take their life in their hands when they frequent these establishments. Stay at home, stay alive.


positiveinput 5 years, 5 months ago

The barber was at home.... ?????????????? Don't seem from the story that he even was in an altercation with anyone.


nassauboy 5 years, 5 months ago

well its been a few weeks since i logged in to check out the nassau news. Hey don't know if you noticed but another murder leads the headlines.

Seem like no one there able to control the crime on a tiny 7x21 mile island.


SP 5 years, 5 months ago

Prime Minister PGC new secret crime initiatives are so dam secretive that they are totally ineffective!

Cuba is crime free on the horizon and all Christie is concerned about is hair dye.

WTF is that all about?!


bismark 5 years, 5 months ago

This is just a sign where we have failed as a country with a bunch of uneducated lowlifes killing innocent people,a young man is dead,because some coward shot him for nothing and our leaders sit on their ass and allow this lousy piece of judiciary dictate to us about law,law only seems to protect the criminals,those no good scum do not need a trial the evidence is there for all to see,they should be shot on sight,no negotiations,if you can shoot randomly in a club at innocent people you don't deserve to be amongst decent people,they and the rest of the no good scum running around on this island reeking havoc need to to be exterminated immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


positiveinput 5 years, 5 months ago

bismark for Prime Minister. You got my vote


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