Deputy Pm Raid Trial Delayed


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE scheduled trial into the armed robbery at Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis’ home did not proceed yesterday.

A back-up trial date was previously set for July 13 in the event that Marc McCartney, Tyrone Knowles, and Jeffrey King could be tried in connection with the December 9, 2013 raid at Mr Davis’ home before the original May 2016 trial date to be heard by Justice Vera Watkins.

Justice Watkins, however, is still presiding over an ongoing case where Charles Hanna Jr is accused of murdering a schoolboy who had attacked his neighbour over a pair of Oakley sunglasses.

As a result, the matter of McCartney, Knowles and King will be heard next year.

The Tribune understands that the case would have been adjourned regardless given the absence of McCartney, who is reportedly hospitalised because of a medical condition.

McCartney, 21, Knowles, 25, and King, 27, are accused of robbing Mr Davis – who was acting prime minister at the time – of jewellery worth $93,000, a jewellery box worth $200, Baraka gold jewellery worth $700, an opal top wallet worth $450, a Royal Bank credit card and a driver’s licence worth $15.

The three are further accused of robbing Mr Davis’ wife, Ann Marie Davis, of $2,953, and Wilberforce Seymour of $10.

McCartney and King, represented by Geoffrey Farquharson, have both been granted bail since their formal arraignments in the Supreme Court.

Knowles, represented by Richard Bootle, remains on remand.


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