Murder Trial To Hear From Pathologist


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A PATHOLOGIST is expected to testify today in the continuation of a murder trial into the beating death of a two-year-old boy.

Dr Caryn Sands is understood to be the key witness among a number of persons who were expected to be called to the witness stand by the Crown on Tuesday in the trial of 23-year-old Trevor Carey.

Carey is accused of murdering Teon Morley on August 16, 2013.

The case did not continue, however, as Senior Justice Stephen Isaacs was reportedly not feeling well and adjourned the trial to Wednesday.

Carey, 23, was arraigned in August 2013 concerning the beating death of the young child. He was the boy’s mother’s boyfriend at the time of the incident.

The child was found unresponsive in his home around 3pm with injuries to his body.

Carey, however, denies the murder charge he faces and has retained lawyer Lessiah Rolle to defend him.

A police officer who testified on Monday told the court that he saw a dented frying pan at the home and bruises on the child’s face.

Teon’s brother, who was five at the time of the incident, testified on Monday that he saw his mother’s boyfriend hit Teon’s hand with a “frying pan” the day he died.

The boy said he stood behind the refrigerator when he saw the accused hit the toddler with the frying pan.

He denied Mr Rolle’s suggestion that his father, Gary Morley, coached him into saying that the accused struck Teon.

Darell Taylor is prosecuting the case.


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